The Girl Behind the Force

My name is Gayle. With a Y. You can call me whatever you want. I'm from Southern Maryland (and still spend a lot of time there), but now I live in Virginia. I made my debut in 1989, and it never gets old having people tell me how young I am. Or how young I look. Some girl thought I was 19 recently. Girl, thank you.

Now that that's covered, I hope that you find my words funny/interesting/ridiculous/inspiring enough to stick around for a while.  :)

I've never been a fan of talking about myself without being prompted, but then why did I start a blog? Let's try 25 things about me. Questions are always welcome!
  1. My favorite colors are red and yellow.
  2. I LOVE giraffes.
  3. I have an adorable dog named Louie. 
  4. I was going to be a teacher. I am not a teacher.
  5. I love reading. Feel free at any time to ask me what I'm reading because I will always have an answer.
  6. I tilt my head when I look at things.
  7. If I'm sitting in a position where my feet are close to my body, I will probably be touching them.
  8. I don't really do the whole shoes and socks thing.
  9. But. I am still somehow addicted to shoes.
  10. My life would be empty without chicken tamales and salsa. This is not a joke.
  11. I think that I love photography, but I'm kind of lazy about it.
  12. I love to crochet. Yes, I will make you something.
  13. I drive a Rav-4 Hybrid. Her name is Moby Dick, Moby for short. 
  14. I have three favorite movies:  The Little Mermaid, Dirty Dancing, and Forrest Gump. (I think that I am Ariel. But really, I am Ariel. I even have my own Prince Eric(h).)
  15. I am actually quite friendly. I want to be YOUR friend!
  16. I'm freaking hysterical. (Or so I think.)
  17. My sense of humor is DRY. Like to the point where I've gotten in trouble because it's hard to tell when I'm kidding.
  18. My ten-year plan involves moving to Austin. 
  19. I will go anywhere. And I love car rides. I'm kind of like a dog. (See #6)
  20. I split my time pretty evenly between work, my house, and my parents' house/the community theater five minutes away from their house. They're always asking why I moved out.
  21. The feeling of my leg(s) falling asleep kind of makes me want to throw up.
  22. I have the patience of a small child, so...none.
  23. I am addicted to writing lists.
  24. All of my underwear has either polka dots or stripes. You're welcome.
  25. I looooove writing notes to people. It makes my heart happy.


Jayme Holmes said...

Hi Gayle,
Just started following you, I'm totally intrigued, do you really have a hedgehog?
I love your blog!

Jay xo

Maggie said...

Okay, 1. I love that you love giraffes! They are totally my spirit animal.
2. I am very jealous that you have a hedgehog and I love that her name is Henrietta.
3. I am so glad that you stumbled on my blog so I could find yours!
4. excited to be a new follower!

Erin said...

A hedgehog named Henrietta. I'm dying.

And I am so sarcastic that people think I'm a bitch, oops.

Megalin said...

Yeah, so, I think we're soulmates. I'm not even going to list the things that we have in common because it would make me sound like a creepy stalker

P.S. Our hedgehogs should have little hedgie babies together :)

Lindsay said...

Hey Gayle! I just started following you :)

Pray Love Blog said...

Loved reading about you :) *now following*