Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Surprise a Bride (Or: How to Have a Great Surprise Bridal Shower)

To surprise a bride:

One of my high school besties // Me with my bow bouquet // My maitron of honor and me
1. Lie to her. Make sure everyone around her lies about what they're doing, where they're going, when, and why.

2. Plan a "meeting" at a restaurant under the guise of getting information about potential rehearsal dinner places.

3. When she begins to catch on, throw her off the course again by planning another "meeting." (This meeting will turn out to be fake.)

4. If you're the bride's mother, take her to the set place of the first meeting, and have plants there waiting. (And by plants I mean people.)

5. Act very surprised to see the plants. Hug everybody. Tell the plants that you're there to see the back room of the restaurant so that you can check it out for the rehearsal dinner.

6. Have the bride walk to the back room.

7. Make sure every person the bride has ever known in her entire life is sitting in the back room, and it's especially important that they all yell "SURPRISE!" and clap when she walks in.

8. If the bride cries, you have succeeded.

Okay, so I'm sure you all caught on to what I'm trying to tell you. Basically, my mother, maid of honor, maitron of honor, and fiance all lied to me for months. I knew I was having a bridal shower at some point, and I knew it would be a surprise and that I wasn't allowed to help with anything or lend ideas (I'm a control freak, sorry).

My maid of honor made these awesome cupcakes, and then she and my maitron of honor shaped them into a dress.
On Saturday, I walked into a room full of people (and cupcakes, and food, and presents) and they were all there for me. I was so overwhelmed that I cried. #embarrassing Here's the thing about me: I hate surprises. Talk about overwhelming.

I have the most amazing friends and family and fiance to all keep this secret and spend so much time planning and executing such a well thought out surprise party. I loved every minute of it. But, I'm also really happy to know that my wedding will not be a surprise.

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