Friday, February 27, 2015

It's the Alpacalypse


Although, I didn't actually have a horrible or long week, so I have no reason to be overly excited that it's Friday. Oh, except that I'm always excited when it's Friday...

Let's jump into the highlights of my week, shall we?

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1. Between THIS DRESS and THESE LLAMAS, I was highly entertained yesterday. And actually am still entertained today. People are either getting defensive about the dress or defensive about how they wish people would stop talking about the dress. Too bad. I think this will never stop being hilarious and confusing and terror-inducing. When Erich told me I was wrong about the color last night I thought about giving him a right hook to the jaw, but you know...I didn't. I held it together. (And I hope I don't have to say this, but this is a joke. I would never hit him. But still.) 

In the car on the way home, then on the couch for the rest of the night (until he decided to go sleep on my bed).
2. This is a small highlight, but worth noting. We took Louie to doggy day care on Wednesday because he's been so bored lately. I picked him up at 6:00 and he was totally and completely exhausted. Nothing makes me happier than when my pup gets to play with his friends. Oh, and they gave him a bath. That's really the best part.

3. On Tuesday, Erich had a meet-and-greet type thing close to where we live, so instead of waiting until ridiculous hours of the night for him to come home from work, I actually got to meet him for dinner. We went to O'Connell's Pub in Old Town (because I needed fried food and cider) and it was so much fun! It was nice to have a date night on a Tuesday. PS - Beer batter bangers dipped in curry sauce are my new favorite food.

4. My mom's birthday was on Monday, so my stepdad and I both took the day off of work to hang out and do birthday stuff. (Which pretty much meant sitting around and then eating an awesome dinner.) I had planned this weeks ago, but never said anything, so it was a complete surprise to my mom when I showed up for dinner Sunday night and told her I was staying. And let's be honest, it was nice to have a day off from work.

5. Because this wouldn't be my blog if there wasn't some mention of my upcoming wedding (in less than two months ohmygodhowdidthathappen), I will tell you that invitations have been sent out! I think that maks it real or something...

***Okay, so. Some news. If you haven't already noticed, I finally got around to buying a domain for this here blog. It's now Yay! Also, I realized the links in my header were broken. They are now fixed. I'm also thinking about a new blog design. Any opinions? Yay or nay? Kthanksbye.

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Gayle Morris said...

That dress thing is STILL blowing my mind! And thanks for the tip -- I'll go check out that link. :)