Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows {Sponsored Post}

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Beautifully shaped and well manicured eyebrows give an overall polished look to your face and make-up. Whether you favor the fuller Brooke Shields look, which has been brought back up to date by the likes of Cara Delevingne, or something shapelier it really makes no difference – keep them in good shape and they will provide the perfect frame for the face.

1 – Choose the shape you want to achieve.  You need to decide which look you are going for before you pick up your tweezers. Do you want slender, arched eyebrows or something thicker?  Take a look at some of your favorite celebs online or in a magazine and decide which eyebrows you want to copy. The thing to pay particular attention to is the height of the arch and the distance to which the eyebrows extend.

2 – Before you start plucking take a few minutes to soak your eyebrows – it will make the job much easier and less painful. Take a clean washcloth and soak it in warm water then gently lay it over your eyebrows and leave it there for a few minutes. This will help to open up your pores and loosen the hairs a little so that it they are much easier to tweeze.  Pat them dry before you start.

3 – You do need to have your equipment at the ready.  Some pointed tip tweezers, some angle tip tweezers, good lighting, a mirror, and an eyebrow comb. Make sure that your tweezers are clean – you don’t have to use a UV sterilizer or anything, but pop them into some boiling water to give them a clean before you start.  Brush your brows in an upwards/outwards direction and you’re ready to get cracking.

4 – You should only ever pluck your eyebrows in three areas – between your eyebrows, under your eyebrows and a tiny bit above your eyebrows if necessary – just to catch any strays. Start between your eyebrows but don’t get carried away, the brows should start just above the corner of your eyes so make sure that you don’t go in any further.  Keep going from one side to the other to keep them even and carry on until you have achieved the arch of your dreams.  The arch will preferably peak above the iris of your eye and continue outwards at a 45 degree angle from the outer edge of your eye.

5 – Be careful not to get too carried away or you could end up with bald patches or uneven brows. Switch from eyebrow to eyebrow and take a break every couple of minutes; step back and admire your handiwork and decide whether you really need to tweeze any more.

6 – If some of your eyebrow hairs are longer than the rest and have a tendency to stick out then trim them. Comb them out/up with your eyebrow comb and trim with a clean pair of nail scissors. Be careful not to trim them too short or they will just stick up even more.

7 – After you’ve finished and you have perfectly shaped eyebrows giving a beautiful frame to your eyes and your face, you should remember to rinse your tweezers and dry them off. Wash your face once more with your clean wash cloth and warm water before patting gently dry. Applying a little moisturizer to your eyebrows can help to soothe any minor irritation but do be careful not to get any in your eyes. 

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