Monday, November 10, 2014

How is it Monday?

Even after a totally great weekend that actually felt like a weekend (read: I didn't go to work this morning and feel like I had just left there), it's still hard to get up and do the whole work thing. Although, a slow day + tomorrow off = pretty great. No real complaints there.

My weekend was full of errands and homework, but the errands were fun. Wish I could say the same about the homework,


Worked. Left work a bit early to get to an appoinment with my financial advisor because I'm an old lady, then got my eyebrows done. It's the little things. But I for real feel like a new person. I did not finish those errands in time to get to the play I wanted to see at my high school, but it worked out because I was exhausted anyway. Instead I sat on my parents' couch, ate pizza, watched Shark Tank, and promptly passed out.


Woke up Saturday morning to my aunt -- she comes over on the weekends to give my stepdad dancing lessons for my wedding. #aww When I'm home she usually makes me practice too. I must say we're doing pretty well, but I might be biased.

Now I know this isn't a big deal for most adult people who are functional, but I actually blow-dried my hair AND did my makeup on Saturday. Who even am I? I dry my hair maybe three times a year. Buh. And I wore foundation. That never happens. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen this. Otherwise, here's proof.

Was gonna make this extra large, but no one needs to see my face that up-close-and-personal.
Also, I might've been a little too excited to wear that vest. It was frigid outside, and as much as I hate the cold, there's something about cold weather that makes it feel closer to Christmas.

After I took a #kitchenselfie (I'm making that a thing, guys) my mom and I went to look for a dress for her. Hallelujah, she found one! We both love it, she ordered it in the perfect color, and it's one more thing to check off the list. Thank the Lord. I have pictures, but I think she would kill me if she found out I posted one here, so sorry. You'll just have to wait until the wedding pictures.

After dress shopping we got some lunch, went to AC Moore and Michael's because we're crafty -- just kidding. My mom is making my centerpieces and she's crafty. Then a trip to Ulta because duh, then I desperately needed a nap. Instead I went to a bonfire. Erich came to pick me up from my parents' house (are you catching on that I spent the whole weekend there?) and we went to a friend's house for fire, guitars, and cider.

I got home around midnight, was locked out of my house, finally got inside and was up until 2:00. I only mention this because it's truly shocking. My eyes haven't seen 2:00 a.m. since...ever. Unless I'm waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. #tmi


I slept in later than usual (it was only 10:00, please don't make fun of me), hung out and watched TV, my mom and I did a face mask that I totally should've taken pictures of but didn't, then I went home and did homework and cooked dinner. Oh, and watched The Walking Dead. 

I'm really sorry that was so boring. It was boring for me to write. If you made it to the end let me know. I'll send some good karma your way, and maybe a cookie. 

PS - I know I've tweeted my heart out and posted on Facebook, but I redid my sponsor page and options. I finally went back to Passionfruit; I'm not sure what took me so long. I highly encourage you to check out the options -- I'm offering other services now in addition to ads. I'm pretty excited about it. Ohhhh! I am also working on switching to Disqus. Anybody know how to speed up that process? Kthxbye.

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