Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five for Friday

It was a slow week, so I'm digging for the good. But it just makes me realize that there's so much to be happy about. Also, I'm easily amused.

1. I spent Friday & Saturday nights at my parents' house last weekend, and on Saturday my mom and I got some good shopping in. Gotta take advantage of those Labor Day sales!

2. On Monday Erich and I spent nearly the entire day cleaning. It was a pain, but much needed. And I feel so much better now. Monday was good. Also, I know that this is a stupid picture, but we finally decided on a shelving unit for the bathroom. Our tiny little bathroom has no space, and this thing only needs to last for a year. Done. Yay!

bathroom storage, target

3. I finally watched Frozen! I think I was the last person on earth who hadn't seen it, but that is finally remedied. I was already in a silly mood, so of course I laughed at everything. I have to say, though, I can't get on board with Elsa. I didn't like her. I mean, she almost killed her sister twice. Please don't send hate mail.

4. I cooked four nights in a row. One of those nights (Monday -- the good day) was chicken and dumplings in the crockpot. So easy and so good. On top of that, I didn't eat out for lunch once, so I saved a bunch of money this week. That feels good. It's the little things, really.

chicken and dumplings

5. We ordered our save the dates! I had a friend design them, so she sent me the final files and we finally got to order them! They should be in hopefully next week then will be in the mail the week after that. Ahh! It feels real! In addition to that, I got a little sample-happy with invitations. I've ordered 11. So many options! I also knocked out a couple bridesmaid gifts. I'm on it.

wedding, save the date
This is the picture we chose to use, but I won't show you the finished product. At least not yet. Sorry!
Question for brides (past, present and future): Did you send out traditional invitations, e-vites, or those foldable invitations where you tear off the response card? Why did you choose what you did? How did it work out?

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Penny said...

I haven't seen Frozen yet, but it's on my list. Love the pic for your save the dates!
Penny @

Sarah said...

Love that photo for the save the dates :) Super cute!!

AND yay for crock pot meals!