Friday, June 13, 2014

Influenster's Go VoxBox {Review}

I'm very happy to say that I joined Influenster not too long ago, and within a few days I was selected to receive the Go VoxBox! It's so fitting because I'm constantly on the move and can't sit still (not always by choice, though).

I've included links for each product in case you want to check them out for yourselves.

In the box:
  • PROFOOT Pedi rock
  • Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
  • Blue Diamond blueberry almonds
  • Aqua Spa Relax lotion
  • The Vitamin Shoppe fit n' full shake (3 flavors) & shaker cup

Not pictured:
  • Coupon for Muller Greek yogurt
  • PROFOOT Triad Orthotic
In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit my mom saw the orthotics and snatched them up. I had the box sent to my parents' house because I thought I'd be in the process of moving, so when I got there and opened it up she got super excited and stole them. According to her, they were amazing. She wore them all day to shop for a new water heater (I know, super exciting). But she hates being on her feet and shopping, so I know it was a true test.

Also full disclosure, I hate yogurt (and pretty much all dairy), so I'm gonna have to gift the coupon to Erich so he can taste-test. I just can't stomach it.

As for the Playtex, I'm on the once-every-three-months plan, so it'll be a while until I can test those out myself. But I'm excited; I've heard good things.

Hey, check it out! I have a mom purse and I'm not even a mom! #everydayimsnacking I even have snacks in my desk drawer at work. Winning.

I've always been an Emerald almond girl, but ohmygod I have converted after tasting these little blue drops of goodness. They have other flavors (strawberry and raspberry), so now I'm excited to try those out too. And I snooped around their website and it looks like they have lots of other awesome flavors that aren't fruit-related. #goingshoppingtonight

Since we're on the topic of food... (nice segue, right?) let's chat about the Vitamin Shoppe's shakes. So far I've only had the Swiss Chocolate flavor shake, and it wasn't too bad. For a meal replacement I could handle it. It definitely kept me full longer than most other things I eat for breakfast, and I LOVE the cup, so that's a plus. I'd recommend that you try them out if you're even slightly interested. It's not for everybody, though.

The pedi rock. Oh dear Lord. I'm  extremely ticklish, but it's not so bad when you're giving yourself a pedicutre, amiright? This was amazing. I have relatively calloused feet, but not so bad. For someone who never wears shoes or is constantly outside, you might need something a little more heavy-duty.

The lotion smells like a spa day, and I feel like I don't need to expand on that. Ladies love spas = ladies will love this lotion. It made my hands and legs feel so good. I can't attest to how long the scent stays because I'm an idiot and put it on to test it and took a shower like an hour later, but obviously next time I won't do that.

*I recieved these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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