Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Things That Are Stupid

I'm a complete zombie right now. I left Friday morning for Texas and got home Monday night. Went to work yesterday, then out to dinner (but really I should've just slept foreverrrrrrr), so today I'm barely making it to class. Maybe tomorrow I'll put together a post about my trip, but all I can muster today is this list of things that I think are totally stupid. I always talk about things that would be different if I ruled the world, and this is where I'd start.

1. Socks with sandals.

2. Leggings as pants (unless you're at home, because then nobody cares). Oh, and I'm not talking about girls who wear shirts long enough to cover themselves -- those people are okay. It's the ones who wear really short shirts with leggings. Ew. No one needs to see your cameltoe.

3. Bad drivers. Specifically people who don't use turn signals, and people who cut across multiple lanes of traffic to make a turn. Especially stupid: when those two things happen together. And on that note, traffic is also stupid.

4. The redesign of Austin Grill in Old Town. The old restaurant was better. (This I'll save for another day because I could go on and on.)

5. Last-minute plan cancellations.

6. People who don't do their jobs, and thus make mine more difficult. Also stupid: More than one person sending out the same meeting invite at work. Really?

7. Stress. Let's just be real here. Stress is totally stupid.

8. Forgetting to take food out of the freezer to make dinner.

9. Uncertainty. Whether it's because people can't get their ish together, you're waiting on someone or something, or just because you don't have all the answers, uncertainty can drive you nuts.

10. Bad hair days.

Sorry for this somewhat ranty blog. Also ramble blog. It's all I've got for you. Come back tomorrow -- there might be real pictures!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fit Challenge: Just in Time

As you all know (because I won't shut the eff up about it), I'm getting married. In a year. Technically less than a year, actually.

My plan was to not be a bridezilla (fail), not care about stupid details (fail), and to not care so much about my weight (fail).

I'm going dress shopping on June 7th. That's in like... a month. So. The new plan is to get my booty in shape for dress shopping. Erin and Kristin's linkup couldn't have come along at a better time. I decided to join in. Granted, I'm a day late on the linkup, but I promise I worked out yesterday! (I can barely walk because that's what happens when you don't work out for a year and then you attempt a Jillian Michaels DVD. Again, fail. Except not fail because at least I actually did it.)

Love, Fun & Football

Here are the goals that will support the plan:

1. Work out at least 4 times a week. (The goal is really 5, but I think I'll slack some weeks.)

2. Drink more water. I'm not giving myself a number of ounces or cups because going from drinking zero ounces of water to 100 is really hard. So I'm just sticking with "more." 

3. Switch up my workout routines and try new exercises. Doing the same thing over and over gets really boring. 

4. Eat healthier to support my exercise. Goodbye Five Guys and tacos... 

5. Lose 3 pounds. Simple enough.

Wish me luck!