Monday, April 28, 2014

Where I've Been

Okay. Prepare yourselves; this could get lengthy.


I know I've already covered this, but Erich and I got engaged in February. That's the biggest news. Four days prior to getting engaged, we got a dog. I will save his whole story for another day. Let me just say that his name is Louie, he's crazy, and we're about to shell out way too much money to get him trained. We love him. 

At the beginning of February, the management company at our apartment complex decided that it would be a great idea to renovate the apartments while people are still living in them. Yay. At the end of February, we took a trip to Florida for a few days to visit my mom. Her birthday was the 23rd so we hung out with her and got to enjoy weather that was warmer than 30 degrees. Thank the Lord. It was really hard to come back home. Who would want to leave warm weather and come back to construction? No one.


In March we began looking for wedding venues. I also began being completely over wedding planning. I went into a little bit of that here. In case you're wondering, I'm still completely over wedding planning. Also in March, the company I work for lost their contract and I had to go through a new company coming in and taking over. It all ended up working out (after weeks of thinking I was getting a pay cut and losing two weeks of paid time off), but the company is still terrible. I could rant for hours about that, but I won't. All in all, March was pretty boring.  


Here we are! And to think, it's almost May. Where has the time gone?! At the beginning of the month I had bronchitis -- I don't recommend it. It was so bad that I was on a Z pack, a steroid, an inhaler, and at the doctor's office I got a nebulizer treatment. I'm finally not coughing anymore (four weeks later) and feeling back to normal. 

My college roommate, who I lived with for four years, got married! Her wedding was beautiful, and it was nice to see some people I hadn't seen in three years. 

Erich and I have finally settled on our ceremony and reception venues, and I'm so glad because I was about two days away from cancelling everything and eloping. This brings us to the end of the month. Oh, and I also just finished my second master's class last night and now I have a week off. Sooo nice. 

Here are a few things coming up that I'm really excited for:
  • We're finally getting around to having our engagement dinner this weekend! (It's hard to plan that when your mom is in Florida for the whole winter, but she's back now.)
  • We're going to Texas in three weeks for a wedding and a mini-vacation. This makes me super happy.
  • I'm going wedding dress shopping in just over a month and every time I think about it I get butterflies. 

Sorry my whole life is wedding stuff. I'm going to four this year, I'm a bridesmaid in one, and I'm planning my own. It's taken over everything! My life is literally just homework, work, wedding planning, and dog. I totally wouldn't blame any of you if you stopped reading this. And if you even made it this far, congratulations! I'll send you a cookie!


Aleida said...

I want a cookie!

Angie said...

I made it, waiting on my cookie!
I don't mind your wedding talk, it's your real life & that is why I like reading real blogs :)

Natalie S. said...

What kind of cookies are we takling about here?

Heather Steger said...

My favorite cookie is oatmeal! Thanks! Miss you!!!