Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Organizing Your Face: The Best Way to Store Your Makeup {Sponsored Post}

**This is a sponsored post by The Salon Outlet. 

Every girl loves her makeup collection. You would spend countless hours deciding on things you can’t live without from beauty and drug counters and stores, but when you return home you throw your new products into a drawer with your entire giant stash. When you pull open your makeup drawer to get ready, you push all your makeup around, chipping your foundation bottle within the hunt for your darkest eyeliner and crushing an eye shadow pallet when you’re frantically trying to find a lipstick. Perhaps this sounds familiar? It’s a frequent problem for most girls. Even though you might think that losing a number of lipsticks, eye shadows, or liners due to makeup clutter are simply a few unavoidable casualties, it is simple to avoid this concern if you know how you can properly store your makeup. 

The value of a good cosmetic organizer can’t be exaggerated. Properly storing your makeup helps keep it from getting too hot or too cold, from being broken, and will save you money in the long run since you don’t have to worry about broken makeup or losing items. There are a lot of options for makeup storage available. You can try soft, quilted cases, rolling carts, drawer organizers, and endless other options. But the simplest, most effective storage tool tends to be a makeup train case. Train cases are foldable boxes that fold out when open so you can access their multiple compartments, and fold in when closed. These rectangular cases are closed using a latch on top, and the ones available at The Salon Outlet even have locks so you don’t have to worry about anyone taking your most prized lipstick! They’re even great for traveling. They usually come with an easy carrying handle, so you can just pick up your entire makeup collection and be out and about in no time, with all of your makeup at your disposal!

**While this is a sponsored post, I don't post about topics that I don't believe in. I am totally on board with this website, and I think their organizational tools are amazing. I have way too much makeup and can't wait to get some of this stuff! 

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