Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy as a Clam

Today I'm joining Erin and Sarah for their linkup. We could all use a little more happiness, right? It goes right along with this post about my happiness journal! 

Venus Trapped in Mars

1. The people I work with. For having to spend 40 hours a week with those nuts, it could be so much worse. And I'm like totally besties with my office-mate. Win.

2. Silliness of all kinds. I don't feel like this needs an explanation.

3. The beach.

4. The smell of a beach when I can't actually be near one. Candles are a lifesaver.

5. Sharing a home (an apartment, but it's our home) with the love of my life.

6. The holiday season. Everything about it makes me warm and fuzzy.

7. The Yankees.

8. Hanson. Judge if you want, but don't knock 'em until you've listened to something they've put out since 1997.

9. Owning my car. I've had it for two and a half years, but I still get a smile on my face every time I get in it.

10. Our new friends from New Zealand. Who would've thought that drunk-meeting people on NYE would lead to a lasting friendship?

11. My mom is coming home from Florida next Saturday!

12. I'm getting my blog redesigned!

13. Walking through puddles on purpose while wearing my Hunters.

14. The start of Spring and warmer weather.

15. Taking our crazy dog (Louie) for walks to the park as a "family."

16. Christmas trees. I know I already said the holiday season, but there's something about Christmas trees that just make me extra happy. Like extraextra.

17. Giraffe things.

18. Blogger meetups.

19. My crazy Lou-dog.

20. Writing lists and color-coding everything.

21. Shopping by myself. It can be so peaceful.

22. Babysitting my friend's adorable son.

23. Impromptu date nights.

24. A good drink. You know when you're at the bar and you order something and the bartender makes it juuuuuust right and it's so incredibly perfect that you have to close your eyes for a second? Yeah.

25. Vacations. This should just be a given.

26. The doll that I've had since the day I was born and still sleep with when I'm at my parents' house. You're not allowed to judge me for this. It's sentimental.

27. This picture:


28. When everything seems to fall into place.

29. Backyard barbeques with the whole family.

30. Multi-functional items.

31. Compliments about how clean my desk is at work. (If only they knew how messy I am at home...)

32. Running into the house when it's about to start raining and making it inside just before it starts to downpour.

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Caitlin @ Crossroads of the Heart said...

i love all of these things!! especially #18! ;)