Wednesday, March 26, 2014

eShakti Review (Round 2)

**I received this dress in exchange for my honest review. 

This post has been a long time coming. I honestly feel bad that it's taken me so long to get it together, AND I don't even have a picture of me in the dress. #slacking

eShakti contacted me once again to review one of their dresses. This honestly has to be one of my favorite online clothing companies. I love the fact that you can customize every part of what you order. They have tops, skirts, and dresses. And now, with wedding planning in full swing (kinda sorta), I am seriously considering making my bridesmaids order from eShakti. It's basically guaranteed that everything will fit correctly, their color choices are amazing, and you just can't go wrong.

Here's the dress I chose to order for this review:
I didn't realize this, but the details are hard to see. The dress is mostly gray, and it has black, white, and yellow keys on it. And of course a matching belt (that comes with the dress! Win!). 

Once you choose your clothing item, you have to decide if you want to order a standard size, or if you want to customize. Then you have to put in your height so that if you adjust the length of the dress they can measure it correctly. Both times I've ordered from them I've chosen a standard size. My only gripe -- which is totally my own fault -- is that I chose not to customize and the chest/armpit area has been a little too small both times. So, to any busty ladies who may be thinking about going with a standard size, go up one. Everything else will fit the same! 

Once all that's done, you can make it your own!! 

For my dress, I changed the neckline to a wide square (I didn't like that weird little slit thing). I also made it knee-length. I kept the sleeves the same. When I wore it, I paired it with a mustard sweater and some flats. So cute. 

I will always recommend this company, so if you haven't yet, you should check them out! They offer $25 off to every new person who registers, and they have some totally adorable spring clothes right now! 

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