Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why Tuesdays are Worse than Mondays

I can't be the only one who hates Tuesdays more than Mondays, right? If you aren't convinced of how hellish Tuesdays can be, I'm here to let you in on the secret reasons of why it is clearly the worst day of the week.

1. You're no longer refreshed from the weekend.

2. No one else is refreshed from the weekend, so everyone has a bad attitude.

3. Everyone tells their funny weekend stories on Monday, so there are no funny stories on Tuesdays.

4. It is not Wednesday. Tuesday morning is literally the middle of the beginning of the week.

5. Bosses generally give you a foot-high pile of work on Tuesdays, and usually it's followed up with "Oh, and it's due by the end of the week." (Maybe this only happens where I work.)

6. I spend my Tuesdays being completely exhausted.

7. If you're in college, this is the day where your classes are an hour and fifteen minutes long. (Thank God that's not me anymore.)

8. There is nothing good on tv on Tuesday nights.
***Alright, after getting some feedback on all the "wonderful" tv shows on on Tuesday nights, I am acknowledging it. I hate Zooey Deschanel, so New Girl is out. I also can't stand Andy Samberg on Brooklyn 99, so that's out. So basically there's nothing good on tv for ME. But this is my list, so that's okay.***

9. It is not yet Thirsty Thursday, and if you Tuesday-drink it's just kind of depressing. (Not that I know this from experience...)

10. Tuesday is long shower day. You know, the shower where you actually wash your hair and shave your legs. I know this should make me feel good about myself, but really it just makes me have to stand up longer. Boo.

I wash my hands of this day.
There you have it. A completely all-inclusive list of why Tuesday is the worst day of the week.

*I really do think Tuesday is the worst day of the week, but this list is obviously not all-inclusive, and it's just for fun. I'm not really serious. Kind of. 


Megalin said...

Uhhh excuse me lady...New Girl, Brooklyn 99, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars. Tuesdays are the best days for tv!

Megalin said...
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Tami said...

Tuesdays are the WORST! Because I usually spend the whole day thinking it's wednesday and then wham--NOPE! three more days to go still