Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Five Types of People in Meetings

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**This post was inspired by a real-life meeting I had to sit through. Please feel sorry for me.

We've all been there. We've all had to sit through godawful meetings. It doesn't matter where you work -- you can't escape them. Besides being just generally terrible, all meetings have another thing in common:  the people you observe in them.

Today we're going to talk a little bit about the five types of people who are found in meetings.

1. The Overly Enthused. This guy is way too happy to be here. He'll probably show up with his notepad and three different pens, just waiting for someone to say something worth writing down. Or, he could be the type who writes everything down no matter how unimportant it is.

2. The Quiet One. This guy's just as ready to get out of here as you are. In fact, maybe you are this guy. The Quiet One doesn't like to speak up, for fear that his coworkers may kill him for extending the length of the meeting. Also, he probably just doesn't care. The Quiet One comes in different types:  maybe a note-taker, maybe a starer. The bottom line with this type is that he doesn't speak unnecessarily. Or at all. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Funny Workplace Ecard: Let's have the same meeting multiple times.
3. The Know-it-All. Usually the group leader. She wanted the meeting in the first place. She's too happy to draw out her ideas on the whiteboard and talk until she's sure everyone understands. Most importantly, she's probably not telling you anything you didn't already know. This person is usually incredibly pretentious.

4.  The "One More Question." Your favorite and mine. And by that I mean not at all. I would rather gouge out my eyeballs with rusty spoons than listen to one more question.

5. The One Who Falls Asleep. No matter what, without fail, they just straight up pass out during the meeting. This person can also be caught snoozing at their desk during the day. Coffee just doesn't seem to help.

So there you have it. As I was writing this I came up with probably ten more types of people. One day, I would loooove to turn this into a people-of-the-workplace type of thing, so if you have a type that you work with, leave a comment and tell me about them!

Which type are you?


Megalin said...

Er mer gerd yes. This reminds me of when I did my types of people who present when I had to sit through my 20 student class presentations. Just fucking shoot me

Chelzz said...

I'm the pretend I'm taking notes on my phone but secretly going on every social media site to keep from being bored out of my mind.

Lisa C said...

I'm the quiet one. I don't speak unless spoken to (snide comments to whomever is sitting beside me not included).

Evan Ponter said...

You can't forget "the one who shouldn't even be there" this person was invited to the meeting but plays no part in what is being discussed.

Sometimes I'm that one

Natalie S. said...

I'm the awesome one.. Duh!! The only job I ever had that had meetings was working at sheetz, that alone I could write a book on it.. I was the quiet one though, sometimes that's the best one to be!

Caitlin @ Crossroads of the Heart said...

my old project manager was the know it all.. she would talk for (what felt like)hours about what she knew.. none of it was relevant to the meeting.

Leigh said...

Ha! Totally relatable post :) I'm definitely the "you think I'm taking notes but I'm really drawing"! All of my greatest artwork is done during meetings and my go to is the stickman flip book.

Night Owl said...

I'd end up being the quiet one. the one that just sits back and listens to everything but may doze off a tad.

following you on gfc. would love a follow back.

Would love you for to join the hops.