Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and a Small Announcement (And by Small I mean Large)

Happy Valentine's Day blog friends!

Download here.

Also, this happened Wednesday night: 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Five Types of People in Meetings

 photo 44edef43-fed2-48d4-b678-e8231b9b75ab_zps66eff103.jpg

**This post was inspired by a real-life meeting I had to sit through. Please feel sorry for me.

We've all been there. We've all had to sit through godawful meetings. It doesn't matter where you work -- you can't escape them. Besides being just generally terrible, all meetings have another thing in common:  the people you observe in them.

Today we're going to talk a little bit about the five types of people who are found in meetings.

1. The Overly Enthused. This guy is way too happy to be here. He'll probably show up with his notepad and three different pens, just waiting for someone to say something worth writing down. Or, he could be the type who writes everything down no matter how unimportant it is.

2. The Quiet One. This guy's just as ready to get out of here as you are. In fact, maybe you are this guy. The Quiet One doesn't like to speak up, for fear that his coworkers may kill him for extending the length of the meeting. Also, he probably just doesn't care. The Quiet One comes in different types:  maybe a note-taker, maybe a starer. The bottom line with this type is that he doesn't speak unnecessarily. Or at all. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Funny Workplace Ecard: Let's have the same meeting multiple times.
3. The Know-it-All. Usually the group leader. She wanted the meeting in the first place. She's too happy to draw out her ideas on the whiteboard and talk until she's sure everyone understands. Most importantly, she's probably not telling you anything you didn't already know. This person is usually incredibly pretentious.

4.  The "One More Question." Your favorite and mine. And by that I mean not at all. I would rather gouge out my eyeballs with rusty spoons than listen to one more question.

5. The One Who Falls Asleep. No matter what, without fail, they just straight up pass out during the meeting. This person can also be caught snoozing at their desk during the day. Coffee just doesn't seem to help.

So there you have it. As I was writing this I came up with probably ten more types of people. One day, I would loooove to turn this into a people-of-the-workplace type of thing, so if you have a type that you work with, leave a comment and tell me about them!

Which type are you?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why Tuesdays are Worse than Mondays

I can't be the only one who hates Tuesdays more than Mondays, right? If you aren't convinced of how hellish Tuesdays can be, I'm here to let you in on the secret reasons of why it is clearly the worst day of the week.

1. You're no longer refreshed from the weekend.

2. No one else is refreshed from the weekend, so everyone has a bad attitude.

3. Everyone tells their funny weekend stories on Monday, so there are no funny stories on Tuesdays.

4. It is not Wednesday. Tuesday morning is literally the middle of the beginning of the week.

5. Bosses generally give you a foot-high pile of work on Tuesdays, and usually it's followed up with "Oh, and it's due by the end of the week." (Maybe this only happens where I work.)

6. I spend my Tuesdays being completely exhausted.

7. If you're in college, this is the day where your classes are an hour and fifteen minutes long. (Thank God that's not me anymore.)

8. There is nothing good on tv on Tuesday nights.
***Alright, after getting some feedback on all the "wonderful" tv shows on on Tuesday nights, I am acknowledging it. I hate Zooey Deschanel, so New Girl is out. I also can't stand Andy Samberg on Brooklyn 99, so that's out. So basically there's nothing good on tv for ME. But this is my list, so that's okay.***

9. It is not yet Thirsty Thursday, and if you Tuesday-drink it's just kind of depressing. (Not that I know this from experience...)

10. Tuesday is long shower day. You know, the shower where you actually wash your hair and shave your legs. I know this should make me feel good about myself, but really it just makes me have to stand up longer. Boo.

I wash my hands of this day.
There you have it. A completely all-inclusive list of why Tuesday is the worst day of the week.

*I really do think Tuesday is the worst day of the week, but this list is obviously not all-inclusive, and it's just for fun. I'm not really serious. Kind of. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Finally February

I'm so good at stating the obvious.

I'm happy to say I actually had a weekend worth talking about on this here blog. I mean, it wasn't CUH-RAZY or anything, but still. It was good. Let's begin.

Friday night I was craving Red Lobster like nothing else. I obviously convinced Erich that this was where we needed to go. I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures, but we all know what cheddar biscuits look like already. Mmmm...cheddar biscuits.

After our little adventure into parts of the city we generally don't venture to (aka the scary parts), we went home and I managed to stay awake until midnight. This never happens. We watched the end of The Time Machine on tv (the 1960 version) and had some great laughs. Then I immediately passed out on the couch. I didn't wake up until 3:30, and the above picture is what I woke up to. Erich and Henrietta. Too cute. She was totally crazy Friday night. Such a diva.

We will come back to Saturday.

Sunday morning was cuddle time on the couch. We're dog-sitting for my parents, and this little monster was being so funny! Then I worked on an assignment all day blah blah, but I did put some soup in the crockpot. Basically Sunday was boring. Hooray halftime show!

Okay now. Saturday. I got to meet up with the lovely ladies in the Virginia blogging group!

Top L-R: Penny, Beth, Krystle, Caitlin, Alix
Bottom L-R: Abbey, Sarah, Melanie, me
Without fail, I always look like a child. (I'm the one bottom right, in the plaid, if you didn't know.) Also, I wore jeans instead of leggings. Erich is so proud. Anyway. I got to meet a few new people this time around, and it's always nice to connect. We all got together for lunch at Uncle Julio's in Woodbridge and it was SO much fun. If you're a blogger in NoVA, let me know! I'll add you to our group! Suprisingly, we only talked about blogging a little bit -- mostly we just compared life stories and whined about stuff. I guess that's what happens when you put that many women together. So now I'm going to tell you some menial details. After lunch I got to hang out briefly with my twin (Abbey -- bottom left in the yellow sweater). We walked around Ulta and I bought the most amazing Margarita scented body wash. Thank you, Philosophy, for existing. 

After lunch and Ulta I had to get home for a meeting of sorts -- and there will be a blog post about that in about a week, so just you wait! -- and then I went grocery shopping. 

Mostly I'm a boring adult who happens to have exciting events thrown in every once in a while. I hope I didn't bore your face off today!