Thursday, January 23, 2014

IKEA Furniture is the Worst... and the Best

Does putting together IKEA furniture make anyone else rip their hair out?

That's a stupid question. It makes everyone want to rip their hair out. Last week I finally decided to start putting together the desk I bought a month ago. I kept seeing this corner desk every time I went to IKEA and I knew I had to have it. I had a really small corner desk before, but I couldn't even use it because it was so cramped. This new desk had SO MUCH SPACE! So I got a gift card for Christmas, specifically to go buy this desk. Win!

Erich usually puts my furniture together for me, but he had been so busy and I decided I just couldn't wait for him to get around to it. Well... fail. I put together three pieces before realizing I put them together backwards, so then I just gave up.

Our living room floor looked like this for almost a week:

It got worse after this picture. It spread to cover the WHOLE living room floor.

Nothing can put me on the verge of tears quite like IKEA furniture. Ugh. Anyway, Erich finally made the time to help me with this (read: do it for me), and it got done over the course of two days. But I helped a little! And I got to use a drill! 

Just a girl and her power tools, which leads to a finished desk! 
I'm happy to say that putting this together prooooobably only took about 4-ish hours total (after we got the mess cleaned up from our living room). I posted the finished product on Instagram, and it's been one of my most-liked photos. I guess I did a pretty good job. 

Because pretty. 
So basically... IKEA furniture is the worst, but it always ends up working out. Now we just have to never move out of this apartment. Ever.


Erich Donahue said...

We'll just have to move with a chainsaw and a crane :)

Kelly Louise said...

haha we recently put a desk together that took like 290689 hours. and now an apartment opened up that we want and we're like fuucckkkk what are we gonna do with this desk?!