Friday, November 15, 2013

This is pretty obvious.

I'm in a blog rut.

I mean, did I even need to say that? I guess a whole lot of life has happened since August (really July, which is basically when I stopped posting). I've been enjoying life, but I miss blogging. I just feel like I shouldn't come back until I have things to say. You know?

So I guess this post is just to say that I'm alive, well, and happy.

Here's what you've missed:

I went to New Orleans.
I'm a technical writer! I worked so hard for that and it finally happened.
I have a new job, which I friggin LOVE.
I'm starting a Master's program in January.

While it seems like a short list, some of that is the stuff that's been keeping me so busy.

Aaaaand because I worked from home today:

One last thing. It's Friday and I haven't done a #backthatazzup Friday in MONTHS. I choose this because it stays stuck in my head. And also because I'm still into blogging. 

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Alyson said...

I love Paramore and so happy they have new music out!

Visiting from #backthatazzup!