Friday, August 30, 2013

August Cara Box Reveal

Ladies and gentlemen, do I have stories for you! I'll catch you up on my life next week, but for today we're gonna keep it super simple with my Cara Box Reveal post. (It's a little late, but I was on vacation. Sorrynotsorry.)

For this month, I was paired with Annalee and Mallory.

Mal is the one who sent to me. We must have everything in common, because man she NAILED it.

I have to say... these things are so perfect because I'm starting a new job soon, so obviously I'm gonna need some new supplies. Here's what she sent me:

Divergent: A Young Adult lit book, which I haven't read but have heard so many awesome things about. It was definitely on my list, so I'm super excited to read it. And if that isn't enough, she was even kind enough to include a gift receipt just incase. But...I don't need it.   :)

Address Labels: Who doesn't love these? I'm always searching for stuff like this, so I'm pretty excited.

Binder Clips: THEY'RE SO CUTE.

Papermate Felt Pens: Mal happened to mention in her super sweet note to me that these are her favorite. Little does she know, they are also my favorite. In fact, I have a pack of 20 because I use them for everything. I used to color-coordinate my notes in college with these pens. I'm so happy she sent me more!

Sparkly Stickers: I also happen to have some of these as well. I used to use them when I was student teaching, but now that I'm not teaching I use them to decorate picture frames, Cara Boxes, and pretty much everything else.

I am totally impressed with how well Mal got to know me. And it's especially awesome considering she was moving more than halfway across the country in the process!