Monday, July 15, 2013

The Little Weekend That Could

This is my last week at my parents' house for puppy-sitting. It's kind of been a long month. I love that little dog to pieces, truly, but I miss my apartment and seeing my boyfriend every day. But of course as soon as I leave here I'll miss my dog. Conundrum? Perhaps.

Um, sorry I'm an 80-year-old and I don't have exciting weekends. And on top of that, I don't even take pictures. I have exactly five from this weekend, and three are from Sunday. Here's the rundown.

Friday: Had to have the pup at the groomers at 9:00. Which led to Starbucks. Which led to a nap. Then I did nothing. Then I went to Carrabba's.

Left: Panic attack on the way to groomer. Right: Handsome (and calm) boy on the way home.

Saturday: Lunch with Erich at Red Robin. Since we were pretty much right around the corner, I had to make a stop at Ulta. I bought myself some presents, and I'm super happy about them. I got Philosophy Mimosa body wash and a new flat iron (mine was ten years old). Soooo pretty and shiny. 

Sunday: Made a trip to Rite-Aid to deal with a prescription debacle, picked up some sweet hair stuff (heat protectant, new brush, clear elastics... fun stuff), then went to Erich's parents' house. Turns out he had to dog-sit this weekend, too. We sat around for a while; he was doing homework so I read a book. Then we got barbecue from one of our favorite places and he took me on an adventure to this little park that I had no clue existed. (PS - I loooove finding new places to hang out in my hometown. I can't believe I had never been there before. I work literally right next to it.) 
We hiked those stairs. It might not look like much, but please consider the picture on the left was IN ME when I hiked.

Next weekend will be slightly more exciting. My beeeessssst friend is coming over on Saturday. That'll probably be a post in itself. Then the weekend after that is my birthday!!! (The 26th. A wish list post is coming this week... because you care so much.) 

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*Um, super sorry about the font size issues. Blogger sucks today. 

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Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

What a cute little puppy! :) And now I want to go to Red Robin. Freckled lemonade foreverrrr.