Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I finally have Facebook!

The time has come (the walrus said)...

I finally stepped up my blogging game -- though I'm sure my posts would show otherwise -- and I've created a Facebook page.

I'd really super appreciate it if you guys could come show me some love/support! I've shared some of my favorite posts on the FB page, so it's not completely bare. Heh... I guess it's just going to look a little sad until I really get it going.

Thanks so much for being here, reading when I post something. You all have encouraged me to keep going with this thing, even though it's at a pretty slow rate. I'm really happy you all are here in my online life, and some of you in my real life!

You can find the Facebook page here:!/agayleforce

Clicky, clicky!


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Yay for FB!! :)

Leanne Redding said...

I LOVE the new blog design. Liking your page now!