Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wedding Weekend Number One

Hi friends! I got to kick-start the wedding season this weekend, and it was SO much fun. I have very few photos of the whole weekend -- only Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday was a work day, but as you know, it is my Friday. Erich and I went out to dinner, so of course I had to share a picture of that. I had the best sausage soup ever, and the rest doesn't matter. Oh, but that drink... it was terrible. If you're ever at Bertucci's and think that ordering the Skinnygirl Sparkler is a good idea, just don't. Oh, and my hair in the outfit pic looks turrrrrible. I promise it doesn't usually look like that.

Friday I literally did nothing. Erich worked all day, I sat around. I did cook dinner, but you know me; I rarely remember to take food pictures. (Which is why two in one post today is a special treat!) He did come home after work and eat with me, but then he had band practice. I spent the rest of the night attempting to read. I fell asleep instead.

Saturday was the wedding! Yay! One of Erich's best friends from college got married on Saturday, and everything was perfect. The rain held out for their ceremony and the sun came out! The reception was gorgeous and the most fun I've had in a looooong time. The food. Oh my goodness the food. Filet and a crabcake. Heaven.

There ya go! Pretty simple. Relaxing, busy, and fun all in the same weekend. The perfect weekend, maybe. And as for wedding festivities, we get to do it all again in two weeks... but in Florida!

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Night Owler said...

Where's your pics of the wedding and food? I thought for sure I'd get to the bottom and see pics.