Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Truth About: Being Burnt Out {My Job}

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I'm so far behind on blogging. And that whole #blogeverydayinmay thing? Yeah, no. Oops. I would jump right back in today, but I honestly have no advice to give, so there goes that.

*PS - I totally accidentally spelled Truth as thruth in my title. Now this URL is gonna be cray. See? Burnt Out.*

Today I'm linking to tell you The Truth About: My Job.

I am an editor. More specifically, I am a Technical Editorial Assistant. Confused? I don't edit books or magazines or anything fun. I work on a Navy base and I edit SOPs -- Standard Operating Procedures. These technical documents range from 30 pages to 500 pages. Usually I can finish my job in about an hour. Other times it takes me 20 hours.

Not only do I "edit" but I format. I am a beast at Microsoft Word. I get to take red pen and mark up a whole document, but then I also have to make those same changes to an electronic copy of the same document. I get to fix mistakes that engineers make. (Honestly, for being as smart as they are, they can't write or count in sequence. True story.)

There's honestly a lot I can complain about with my job, but there are also a ton of perks.

I work Monday through Thursday. I still work a 40-hour week, I just work 10-hour days. By the time 6:00 p.m. Thursday rolls around, my brain shuts off and is DONE.


I love editing. It is a true passion for me. In college I worked at the Writing Center, and I used to volunteer to help my mom grade papers when I was kid. (She taught Language Arts.) But I do want to say that my job can be ridiculously boring. Sometimes it's incredibly slow. In fact, it's been incredibly slow since the day I started here back in December.

The major misconception with my job is that people think I work for the government because I work on base. I don't. I was hired by a defense contractor. Oh, another misconception is that people either think I make a TON of money, or I make NO money. I earn enough to live. Comfortably. And why people need to be concerned with my salary is beyond me.

I could get into a lot more truths about my job, but since a lot of it is classified and you never know who will come across my Internet corner, I will leave it at that.


Tami said...

I've never come across anyone with your job before, pretty neat. I am SO jealous of your 4 day workweek. I mean, I'm sure the days are long but the three day is legit

Kate said...

this is a brand new job! i've never even heard of this, but i do love taking red pens to people's poorly written papers. :) 10 hour days would definitely take a toll on me. i would require a legitimate nap time.

i'm glad you joined the link up! come back next week!