Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday!! Said Everyone Ever

Lezbehonest here:  I really don't have much to say. I definitely owe you guys the story of the nightmare airport drama, and I promise it's coming!

Today has been ridiculously busy considering it's usually my day to sit around and do nothing. Don't get me wrong -- it was busy in all the best ways. With the exception of meeting with my financial advisor; that always makes me tense (especially with the upcoming furloughs). 

I was up and out pretty early today to meet my fraaaands for lunch. Um, sidenote. My Madre just presented me with a $50 Target gift card for no reason. Like literally right now. Did this just become the best day ever?! Yup! Okay, sorry. Anyway, after lunch was my meeting. I made my mom go with me so we could go shopping after. She needed new clothes and wanted my help. Then she bought me a crapton of stuff. Not my fault that shopping was more successful for me, right?

I guess I'll wrap it up. But obviously not before linking up with Whitney to #backthatazzup.


Night Owler said...

Glad you had a good day girl. Everyone needs to have good days esp if it means getting free stuff and going shopping

LaynahRose said...

lezbehonest....I'm so immature I laughed out loud that you just said that haha. Lucky! So jealous of your target gift card

Staci said...

I need to hang out with your Mom!!! Also, this song was sang at every single elementary school talent show for about 12 years.