Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday!! Said Everyone Ever

Lezbehonest here:  I really don't have much to say. I definitely owe you guys the story of the nightmare airport drama, and I promise it's coming!

Today has been ridiculously busy considering it's usually my day to sit around and do nothing. Don't get me wrong -- it was busy in all the best ways. With the exception of meeting with my financial advisor; that always makes me tense (especially with the upcoming furloughs). 

I was up and out pretty early today to meet my fraaaands for lunch. Um, sidenote. My Madre just presented me with a $50 Target gift card for no reason. Like literally right now. Did this just become the best day ever?! Yup! Okay, sorry. Anyway, after lunch was my meeting. I made my mom go with me so we could go shopping after. She needed new clothes and wanted my help. Then she bought me a crapton of stuff. Not my fault that shopping was more successful for me, right?

I guess I'll wrap it up. But obviously not before linking up with Whitney to #backthatazzup.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'll Just Jump Right In

Wow. I feel like it's been ages since I've written anything for this blog. I'll just jump right in.

I went to Florida for Memorial Day Weeknd; Erich's cousin got married and to sum up the weekend it was crazy, hectic, stressful, fun, busy, and relaxing. We almost missed our plane Thursday night, but that's a story for another day. Maybe tomorrow? Erich's stepmom did end up staying behind until Friday. What a night.

Friday: We finally made it to Florida Thursday night/Friday morning around 1:00 a.m. I so wasn't expecting the airport to be as pretty as it was. Erich and his dad (and all the men in the family) were playing golf that day (which resulted in an awesome farmer's tan), so Erich was up and out of the hotel less than six hours after we finally got to bed. I had nothing to do since his stepmom was still in VA, so I thought I'd hit the pool. I ended up sleeping through everyone's text messages and almost missed a chance to hang out with his cousin's fiancee. I got my ish together and texted her back saying I'd catch a cab and meet her. Oh, PS - I'd only met this girl once before and we're going to her wedding in August. Good thing we're biffs now. So we spent the day shopping at the outlets. Then we got a call from the groom's mom asking if we could pick people up an hour away from where we were. This is what happens when you're the only people not golfing. Anyway, we did, we grabbed lunch, and then we drove to a cookout. We thought the cookout was being hosted by the bride's parents, but pretty much it wasn't, so we didn't stay long. Friday night we had dinner at the most amazing restaurant in Old St. Augustine with Erich's dad's brothers and sisters (with the exception of the groom's parents). Can you guys even follow this? I barely can. I was in bed super early Friday night.

Saturday: Wedding day. Got up. Got ready. I had a meltdown over my dress and the ironing board. I don't want to talk about it. Went to wedding. Went to reception. I really could turn this into a novel, but to keep it short, the wedding was beautiful. It was outside in a park and the weather was so nice. The reception was fun, but everyone was two hours late (including the guests) because of traffic and other circumstances. Once that nonsense was over, we went to the after party hosted by the groom's parents (also Erich's aunt and uncle). They had rented a house for the week, so everyone had a place to convene. Our little group were the last ones to leave. It was SO much fun. Dare I say it was more fun than the wedding/reception? We were in bed at 2:00 a.m.

Sunday: Somehow we managed to wake up at 8:30 and get ready. We had to pack up the room and check out by 11:00, but I really thought we'd sleep until the last second. Nope. Everyone was up and out by 10 and then we went to Old St. Augustine to walk around and have lunch. We ate at Columbia, and if you live in Florida please find one of these restaurants immediately! SO good. Then we drove to the beach and met Erich's aunt and uncle. We got to lay out and play in the water for about two hours before we had to leave for the airport. Sunday was really the only relaxing day we had, and it was really sad to leave.

Monday we spent recovering, and now somehow it's Wednesday. Not really sure how that happened.

If you made it to the end let me know. I'll send you a cookie.

Sami's Shenanigans

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can I Teach You Something?

Today I'm hopping back on the bandwagon that is the #blogeverydayinMay challenge.

Day 23: Things You've Learned That School Won't Teach You

I might be young, but I've lived my fair share of a life and I think there are some invaluable lessons that I've learned. Here's what I know.

Life is hard.

Work sucks. Everywhere you go there will be bad days and drama. There's no escaping it. Even at the best job in the world.

All people are the same. Or, there are only certain "groups" or types of people, and everyone fits into a category. 

Life does not always work out as planned. If you believe in fate or are religious, you just have to believe that everything happens for a reason. It will be okay.

Death is a reality.

No matter what happens in life, how much you hurt, how much you think you can't get through something... you can. You will.

Smile and nod.

Poor decisions shape who we become. So do great decisions. Don't be afraid.

Don't ever forget to tell someone you love them. Even if you think you don't love them in that moment.

Be silly. It makes you feel good.

Travel as much as you can. Seriously.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

They Call Me Crash

Today I'm linking up with Meighan for her one-time-only topic: That One Time.

So. I guess it goes like this:  What had happened was... this one time, I had my learner's permit. (Can you see where this is going?) I actually think this was the second round of me having it. I had it for two years because my mom wasn't ready to let go of the reigns. That's probably good. Anyway...

My best friend lived an hour away from me at the time, so we always had a "halfsies" point where our parents would meet if we were spending the weekend together. Side note: when you live an hour away from your BFF, you don't just spend one night at their house. It's always a whole weekend.

One day, my stepdad decided it would be a good idea if I drove to the halfsies point since I needed the hours/practice. First of all, it's over a bridge. Um. Scary. Second of all, well, there is no second of all. It was just scary. It wasn't even a big bridge; it was just my first experience driving over one so it freaked me out a little bit. Okay, onward. So I successfully drive over the bridge with no panic attack or hyperventilating, and I come to the halfsies spot. I was pulling into the parking spot (still not one of my strong points. I have to correct like 9285729 times) and they had those cement blocks so you know where to stop.

Guess who accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake?

I jumped the block, hit the corner of the building (no damage was done to the building -- only to my car, but barely), and then completely freaked out. Of course, when I looked over at my BFF and her mom, they were laughing hysterically at me. So hard, in fact, that they couldn't open the door to get out of the car. Right.

I did still end up spending the weekend with my friend, and as soon we got to her house she told EVERYONE (her dad and her three siblings) what happened. And then she told all her friends. And then I was mortified. And then I got over it.

And so now... BFF's dad calls me Crash.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Special Guest and Some Sweet Rewards!

So you want to look your best this summer? Gorgeous looks, and adorable accessories? Well I've got the opportunity for you to get all that right here! I am hosting a Stella & Dot Online Trunk Show, and inviting all of you to shop with me! Hallie, from Life:Oceanside is our Stella & Dot specialist, and our personal stylist! and she wanted to start off our fashion frenzy by introducing herself and styling one of her favorite pieces: the Palm Springs Scarf!

"Hey Girls, I am Hallie, and I will be your personal stylist! I live, sleep, and breathe fashion, and there is no doubt that Stella & Dot is always my first stop for the best and most stylish accessories! I am here to help YOU choose your favorite summer pieces and answer ANY questions you might have! So please join Gayle and me and let's get this style party started!"
Isn't she the best? AND To help us get started on our wishlists and give us that extra incentive (besides gorgeous accessories), Hallie will enter everyone who makes a purchase at my trunk show in a drawing for a chance to win these amazing Seychelles Chandelier Earrings in the color of your choice!

Seychelles Chandeliers
AND to add on to the excitement if you spend over $50 dollars you can choose any of these items at 50% off!!!

My Wishlist Selections:
Bring it-Elephant // Maya Pendent Necklace // Serenity Drop Earrings
Alright ladies, Hallie's giving us some awesome incentives, and honestly, I'm super excited for June 3rd so I can put in my own order! There are plenty of links in this post to take you to my trunk show, but don't forget I also have a button on my sidebar. You can also click it here. Happy shopping!

A Gayle Force

Monday, May 20, 2013

Is anyone getting tired of weekend updates? ...Me either.

I would like to start off by saying I promise pictures will be added to this post. So hang in there if you can.

Thursday night I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. I'm not exactly a Trekkie (and that's okay with me), so I hadn't seen the movie that came out in 2009. Even still, this movie was actually kind of awesome. I recommend it if you have a spare two hours.

Friday I ended up running a few errands, then having a girl night all by myself. Erich always has band practice on Friday nights, so I am almost always alone. I watched What to Expect When You're Expecting and Heathers. Neither one was what I thought it would be, but pretty good nonetheless. If you were on Twitter, you also know that I had a ridiculous amount of wine and Cheetos. No shame.

Saturday morning I woke up way too early and painted my toenails (those two things are not related, really). I also cleaned up the living room, did the dishes, and read part of a book. Whoa. In the late morning I had a Google Hangout planned with Other Gayle! It was so much fun! We are similar in ways I don't think either of us realized, and it's always nice to have someone to bond with. Shortly after my hangout date, Erich and I had a brief dance party in the living room. It's only worth mentioning because it was awesome. I FINALLY saw The Great Gatsby Saturday afternoon. I will withhold my opinions (a little bit because I'm still trying to form them). Then we had an amazeballs dinner at a restaurant called Delia's. If you are in Northern Virginia, please go. I tried hummus for the first time (I know, I know. Tardy to the party.) and I might be in love. Then we went home, caught up on one of our shows, and I passed the eff out.

Sunday Funday. We had brunch at our fave place, walked around Old Town a bit, then ran some errands. Our errands landed us at Target, and then I got so distracted by allthethings that I forgot to buy what I went in for. Hopefully tonight when I go back that won't happen again. (Anyone wanna make a bet?) 

Here's hoping for another quick week. Come Friday morning, I'll be in FLORIDA!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Struggle and an All-Call

Today I'm blogging over at Grace For Gayle (hiiiii Other Gayle!) for her #perfectlyimperfect series. The topic also happens to be a good fit for the #blogeverydayinmay challenge. Today's topic is Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it. Two birds, one stone. Yes!

I know that URL is ugly, but I can't link anything on this computer, so I'll fix it later. But you should go check it out!

Now for the all call. Thanks to Hallie from Life: Oceanside, I am hosting an online trunk show for Stella & Dot. I'm suuuuper excited about it! The show runs until June 3rd and is entirely online. If you want to take a look, you can click directly on the button and it will take you to my trunk show site. If you see something you like you can buy it from the site and it will be shipped directly to you!

I'm also keeping the button on my sidebar until June 3rd. No need to remember the link -- you can just come back and click on that. Pass it along, send it to your friends, your mom, your boyfriend/husband, whoever! I am totally in love with all of their jewelry and can't wait to get my hands on some, so I hope you like it, too.

A Gayle Force

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wedding Weekend Number One

Hi friends! I got to kick-start the wedding season this weekend, and it was SO much fun. I have very few photos of the whole weekend -- only Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday was a work day, but as you know, it is my Friday. Erich and I went out to dinner, so of course I had to share a picture of that. I had the best sausage soup ever, and the rest doesn't matter. Oh, but that drink... it was terrible. If you're ever at Bertucci's and think that ordering the Skinnygirl Sparkler is a good idea, just don't. Oh, and my hair in the outfit pic looks turrrrrible. I promise it doesn't usually look like that.

Friday I literally did nothing. Erich worked all day, I sat around. I did cook dinner, but you know me; I rarely remember to take food pictures. (Which is why two in one post today is a special treat!) He did come home after work and eat with me, but then he had band practice. I spent the rest of the night attempting to read. I fell asleep instead.

Saturday was the wedding! Yay! One of Erich's best friends from college got married on Saturday, and everything was perfect. The rain held out for their ceremony and the sun came out! The reception was gorgeous and the most fun I've had in a looooong time. The food. Oh my goodness the food. Filet and a crabcake. Heaven.

There ya go! Pretty simple. Relaxing, busy, and fun all in the same weekend. The perfect weekend, maybe. And as for wedding festivities, we get to do it all again in two weeks... but in Florida!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wedding Season

Dear Readers, 

I have nothing to say. I have been nothing but busy getting ready for the first wedding of the season. I leave tomorrow for the festivities. 

Pictures to come.

I leave you with this to #backthatazzup. If you don't know this song, I no longer want to be friends with you. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Um. So, it's Wednesday.

My weekend is going to start in 29 hours, and here I am about to post my shenanigans from last weekend. How I have friends, I'll never know. Sorry I can't keep it together, loves.

Friday I had a busy morning, but a peaceful afternoon. No pictures. I had an early-morning appointment with my financial advisor to get my life in order, then finally got my eyebrows waxed. Dude, I've never waited that long before and I never will again. Then of course I ended my morning with a stop at Starbucks (because I'm a blogger). Kidding, it was because I really love Starbucks. And because early-morning appointments with my financial advisor make me need Venti Iced Mochas with No Whip.

Saturday was the #nvablogmeet ! Or, if you speak English, the Northern Virginia Blogger Meetup. It was so much fun! In the picture L-R: Caitlin, Mia, me, Krystle, Melanie, Abbey. I had actually already met Caitlin, Mia, and Abbey. We all got to talk throughout lunch and I got to know some pretty cool things about people I know and people I didn't know. Abbey and I hung out more after lunch, too. Because she's my bestie. Duh.

Tamales I had for lunch at the meetup. Delicious. I have only ever had better tamales in one place. And I eat a lot of freakin' tamales.

Saturday night E and I went to the movies to see Mud. I highly recommend it. It will toy with your emotions in the best way. As you can see, we were the first people in the theater. That never happens; we're usually the ones rolling in late and are forced to sit in the front row. Not this time!

Sunday I had my first Mint Julep after a day of roaming around Old Town. I didn't really take pictures of what we did because honestly we just walked around all day. I finally bought some Wellys (in red), we made a quick trip to Target (um, and I accidentally spent $100), and then went to Southside 815 for drinks and dinner. Perfect day.

The Truth About: Being Burnt Out {My Job}

Eloquent Graffiti

I'm so far behind on blogging. And that whole #blogeverydayinmay thing? Yeah, no. Oops. I would jump right back in today, but I honestly have no advice to give, so there goes that.

*PS - I totally accidentally spelled Truth as thruth in my title. Now this URL is gonna be cray. See? Burnt Out.*

Today I'm linking to tell you The Truth About: My Job.

I am an editor. More specifically, I am a Technical Editorial Assistant. Confused? I don't edit books or magazines or anything fun. I work on a Navy base and I edit SOPs -- Standard Operating Procedures. These technical documents range from 30 pages to 500 pages. Usually I can finish my job in about an hour. Other times it takes me 20 hours.

Not only do I "edit" but I format. I am a beast at Microsoft Word. I get to take red pen and mark up a whole document, but then I also have to make those same changes to an electronic copy of the same document. I get to fix mistakes that engineers make. (Honestly, for being as smart as they are, they can't write or count in sequence. True story.)

There's honestly a lot I can complain about with my job, but there are also a ton of perks.

I work Monday through Thursday. I still work a 40-hour week, I just work 10-hour days. By the time 6:00 p.m. Thursday rolls around, my brain shuts off and is DONE.


I love editing. It is a true passion for me. In college I worked at the Writing Center, and I used to volunteer to help my mom grade papers when I was kid. (She taught Language Arts.) But I do want to say that my job can be ridiculously boring. Sometimes it's incredibly slow. In fact, it's been incredibly slow since the day I started here back in December.

The major misconception with my job is that people think I work for the government because I work on base. I don't. I was hired by a defense contractor. Oh, another misconception is that people either think I make a TON of money, or I make NO money. I earn enough to live. Comfortably. And why people need to be concerned with my salary is beyond me.

I could get into a lot more truths about my job, but since a lot of it is classified and you never know who will come across my Internet corner, I will leave it at that.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I Love Bloglovin! {Link Up}

In order to help bloggers transition away from GFC as the main way to follow blogs, Northern Belle Diaries and Postcards from Rachel have teamed up to host I Love Bloglovin'.

Now, let's get this party started!

Have an image of yourself ready so we have your pretty face to look at!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Are You Uncomfortable?

This post is going to be all over the place. Kudos if you make it to the end! 

I am combing two posts into one: the day three challenge for #blogeverydayinmay and a few things I've been completely obsessing over lately. We'll start with the challenge. 

Day 3: Things That Make You Uncomfortable

So. Lots of things make me uncomfortable. Some of my pet peeves were formed because they're things that just make my skin crawl. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I hate when people eat their hamburgers upside down. This also goes for cookies and other things that clearly have a "this side up" type of thing going on.

I also hate being around people who lie and want me to catch on. I mean, I'm quick and can play along, but it always makes me feel weird. I'm not gonna pretend I'm some saint -- I lie, I have lied in the past, and I'm sure I'll lie again in the future. It's just that moment when I haven't come up with something to say and I'm stuck. For whatever reason these little white lies make me more uncomfortable than big lies.

This one I think goes for just about everyone, but awkward eye contact makes me super uncomfortable. Have you ever been driving and you accidentally stare at creep on the person next to you? Yeah, everybody does that. How about when you're doing that and they catch you...and then they look you in the eye. 'Nuff said.

It really kind of takes a lot to make me uncomfortable. I don't get embarrassed easily, so most of those types of situations are out. I'm strange, I guess. I'll leave you with three things that make me uncomfortable, since it's day three of the challenge.

Now, for some things I cannot get enough of lately. Seriously, I'm completely obsessing over them. I don't even know why.
I use these mason jars for everything. I brought one to work to keep pens in, I have straws hanging out in one in my kitchen, I drink out of them... I think you get the picture. 

This water bottle makes me drink 9348579 times more water in a day than I ever used to in even a week.

I do not own these Wellies just yet, but I am buying them for myself as an early birthday present. I can't wait! 

The flip flops. Do I even need to explain this one? 

I've sent these Greenroom notebooks from Target as gifts and I have the gold striped one that I use for all my blog notes and organization. 

And the last thing I'm totally obsessing over is a song. I figured I'd just link it up to #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney, because you know...I should. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What The?! I've Been Learning to Love my Name my Whole Life, and Now This.

Helene in BetweenI didn't think I'd be able to link up for this post today because, quite honestly, my blog is too small to have a lot of search terms. The ones I do have are not very interesting.

I have search terms such as:
-my whole URL (way to go -- clearly that person was typing in the wrong box)
-eShakti review
-eShakti bad review (which at first I took personally because I thought they meant I wrote a bad review)
-gayle force blog.

Super funny and awesome, right? Nope.


Today, just now, something crazy happened. And it makes me a little sad. This search term showed up:

"is gayle an ugly name"


And that's that.

Hunting and Gathering

Day 2: Educate us on Something You Know A Lot About or Are Good At

It took me a long while to figure out what to write about for today's post. I think I've figured out the one thing I'm really awesome at. Ready?


I am SO good at shopping. I mean, I even wrote a whole post about stalking the Target clearance section. I shop a lot, but I never spend more than I can afford. Here are some of my tips (that should be incredibly obvious but sometimes aren't).

Funny Retailmenot Ecard: I hope my ancient ancestors would be proud of my bargain hunting and gathering skills.

1. Stalk the clearance section. (Really? You didn't think this would be first?) When I enter a store, that is the first place I look. Always. I very rarely buy things at full price. Keep in mind: everything goes on sale.

2. Wait for a sale if you know it's coming. I like to shop online and I always wait for some super awesome sale before I shop my favorite stores. Most of the places I shop anyway have sales pretty regularly. Gap recently had a 35% off your whole purchase sale, so of course that's when I stocked up.

3. Coupons. Granted, I don't use coupons when I go grocery shopping. But before I hit checkout when I shop online I always hit up RetailMeNot. Even if it only gets me free shipping, I know I saved some money. (I promise I didn't pick that ecard because of just kind of worked out that way.)

4. Outlets. I'm lucky enough to live right down the street from two of my favorite stores' outlets. I try not to go too often, because even mass quantities of discount items are expensive. If you don't live near an outlet, try planning to hit one up on your next road trip/vacation. It's pretty much impossible to travel a great distance without passing or being very near an outlet mall.

5. Save up. This obviously won't score you a sweet deal, but if there's something you really want and can't live without, save up for it. It's totally acceptable to treat yourself once in a while, as long as you're not buying expensive things all the time or on impulse. Plus, who knows -- by the time you've saved the money for it, it might have gone on sale. Awesome.

6. Make a deal with yourself. This sounds crazy, but hear me out. I have a rule that if I see something at the store that I love, but maybe don't need, I won't buy it. If I'm still thinking about that item a week later, I will go back and get it. Usually I forget about whatever the item is, so obviously it would have had no great impact on my life had I spent the money on it. If it's still in my brain later on, then I know I was meant to have it.

Those are my (slightly obvious) tips and tricks. If I see a super sparkly glitter notebook for $3, I'm probably gonna buy it. If I see super sparkly glitter shoes for $50, I will wait until they go on sale.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How Do You Sum Up a Life in 250 Words?

And how do you solve a problem like Maria?

This has been all over the blogwebz, and if you haven't seen it you're probably living under a rock. I am taking the challenge to blog every day in May. Obviously starting today. I will probably skip a few prompts, and I will definitely still be writing posts throughout the month that didn't come from a prompt, so don't worry!

Day 1: The Story of my Life in 250 Words or Less
I was born and raised in good old Southern Maryland. I had surgery a few months after my birth because I was born with a club foot. I had a pretty normal childhood until I turned 8. Three weeks after my eighth birthday my dad died. (He had cancer; we knew it was coming. That didn't make it easier.) My mom stayed strong on the outside so I really didn't know how to handle it. I grew up fast, I guess.

We carried on like normal. Madre met an awesome man and married him right before I turned 15. High school was great for me and I would relive 11th and 12th grades in a heartbeat. Ahh, the high school years.

I didn't get into my dream college but I got into my second choice. I survived four years there and hated every second of it. I seem to have more respect for my school now that I'm DONE with it. (Go Salisbury!) I was there two weeks ago for the first time since I graduated two years ago.

Freshman year at SU. Okay, so I didn't hate every second of it...
I now live in Alexandria, Virginia and I have an awesome job using my English degree (weird, right?). I live with a man who is incredibly special to me. I've filtered through a lot of hobbies, but the ones that stick are reading, movie watching, crocheting, list making, and whining.

My favorite colors are red and yellow and I don't drink beer. I'm pretty sure that's all you need to know.

[That's exactly 250 words, by the way. English degrees are good for something!]