Monday, April 8, 2013

Where Did My Weekend Go?

Time flies, man. Every Monday I'm left sitting here wondering where my weekend went and how I got here. I wish we could save up all the daylight savings time and then just apply it to weekends. Anyone with me?

On Friday I met some friends for lunch at Olive Garden. I hadn't been there in FOREVER, so I ate approximately 4 breadsticks. Disgusting. Then I headed to the mall to pick up some weird natural headache remedy that I've heard good things about. I get headaches so frequently that I decided I need to try something other than popping pills. Let's hope this Origins stuff works.

*Update: The Origins stuff is okay. It's not a miracle worker, so maybe I'll stick to pills. Having a pounding head is the worst.

I am not a giant. All of my friends are just really short. I'm only 5'5"! 
 I spent a lot of time catching up on a guilty pleasure show that I stopped watching years ago. Honestly, it just got to be too ridiculous and I couldn't take it anymore. (I won't even tell you what show because, seriously, it's that bad.) But then I saw the commercials for the newest season and realized I missed A LOT. So Netflix is my new best friend.

Friday night E and I went to Outback...clearly that never gets old. It was an early night for us.

Saturday we had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and if you follow me on Instagram you know I had my first frozen margarita in years. Literally, years. I tried a few a long time ago and decided that I just hate them.

Well, I'm glad I decided to be a big brave dog and try one again because now I am obsessed. After lunch we did what all normal people do on the weekend and went to Target. I spent way too much on these super cute things:

Both via Target
Then it was back to the homefront for me while E went to play guitar with some friends. This resulted in Netflix, naturally.

Sunday was a full-on shopping day. I have a super-coupon to DSW, but that was a bust. I was a little disappointed in their selection, but maybe it's just too early for the good shoes. We shall see. And because you can't shop on an empty stomach, we went to Noodles for lunch. I was too busy eating to remember to take a picture. (I really need to get better about this.)

Our afternoon concluded with a trip to the Christmas Tree Shoppe because E had never been. And if you've never been you need to find one and go. Immediately. And no, they don't sell Christmas trees, so please don't ask. Fifty doll hairs later... oops.

I also happened to be puppy-sitting, so here's a picture of my dog.

All in all it was a successful weekend. Now I'm ready for Friday.

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Lisa said...

Do you wear corrective lenses? I've noticed that needing to change my contacts or updating my prescription cause a lot of my headaches.