Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I've stated this before, but I love a good bandwagon. This has been floating around blogland for a few days now, so I'm gonna hop on board. (Erin, you're a genius for starting this -- and you didn't even realize what you started!)

The Good

.I'm a great listener, and I give awesome advice.
.I make friends easily and would give the shirt off my back if someone needed it.
.I'm good at keeping to myself and not "rocking the boat."
.I have never done drugs.
.I'm pretty good with my money.

The Bad
.I have the patience and the attention span of a three-year-old.
.I love to eat. And sleep. And not work out.
.Hello, my name is Gayle, and I'm a shopaholic.
.I'm very easily offended/hurt. I don't have a very thick skin.
.I require a lot of alone time. (This is not conducive to living with my boyfriend.)

The Ugly
.I am extremely selfish. This is mostly in my relationship with E. He's a saint.
.I can go days without showering. It's gross, I know. But I seriously hate being wet.
(For the record, I'm generally an every-other-day showerer, but I hate it and it feels like work.)
.I hate putting clothes away. They will stay on the floor or in the hamper. Even when they're clean.
.I'm really good at pushing people's buttons.
.I have issues. Can we leave it at that? Maybe one day I'll dedicate a post to describing all of my issues.


Martha said...

We all have issues...I think that's why we get along and are blogging!!!

And showering IS work. I hate taking them. I do anyway, but no. not a fan.

Maggie said...

Yes yes yes. I am so with you with, alone time and being selfish. I have no idea why G puts up with me.

Lauren @ This Life said...

I could have written this post!! We might be personality twins.

Sara Pilling said...

I am the same with the showering thing. Last week I went for 5 days. Yuck!!! x