Thursday, April 4, 2013

Smiles Are Contagious {Link Up}

Today's the day! It's officially time for the Smiles Are Contagious linkup! 

I want to thank you all for your support -- I received some feedback with the announcement and it was all positive. It makes me feel so happy to know that there are others out there who aren't interested in being mean girls. 

There is nothing required for taking part in this linkup other than what is listed below. I hope you all receive as many smiles as you give! 

A Gayle Force

  • Please visit at least three other bloggers who link up and leave them a comment that will put a smile on their face.
  • Mention in your comment that you found them through this link up.
  • If you are interested, take the button and post it on your side bar to show your support.


Martha said...

Hey! Good morning, friend! Here's to our first link up!!!

Hope you had a great time with Adam last night!!!!!

j-zaz said...

Hi Gayle! I found your blog a couple weeks ago through Kristine @ Heart Shaped Sweat and have been reading since!
I love your blog.. You sound so relaxed and natural, like you're just talking to your readers- and I love that! I love when bloggers are real people, and don't try to make it sound like their lives are perfect.
- Julia @

Maggie said...

I LOVE this idea. It is so sweet :) I cant wait to meet some nice new bloggers!

Brittany Kyte said...

Yay! I have linked up! I love the concept of this :) Thanks, Gayle!

Susannah said...

What an amazing idea! I linked up. :-)

Lourdes Jeanne said...

Hey girlie! So glad I get to find out more about you through Cara Box. Your Smiles Are Contagious Link Up is so sweet. Have a great sunday !

Michiko said...

LOVE this blog hop. I'm big on smiling! Great idea!