Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Next Mini Vaca!

Because of my new job and lack of time off, I don't get to take a real vacation this year. That's okay with me because I'm totally a fan of weekend trips. Especially extended weekend trips!

In honor of Travel Tuesday, I'm going to focus on my next mini vacation.

Helene in Between
Over Memorial Day Weekend, E's cousin is getting married in Florida! We'll be flying down Thursday night and coming home late Sunday. (This still gives us all day Monday to recuperate from the festivities.)

Photo by Hey I love you Photography
This is the happy couple. Aren't they disgustingly cute?
PS - E's cousin is the groom.
So. If you do math the way I do math, the equation goes something like this: 

Florida + May + Wedding + Beach Weekend = Summer and New Clothes

Obvs this means I need to pick a few things to pack. I bought ALL the things, but I can only bring some. And of course one of those things will be my dress to wear to the wedding and reception. I better get it together. Here are the clothing items that are definitely going with me.

- I'm all about these mint pants lately. There's no way I'd leave them behind for this trip.
- I just bought this dress at Target and I am so in love with it. It's perfectly Spring-y AND it has pockets. Win.
- I bought these sandals last year and I still can't get enough of them. They are super comfortable, too. Plus, they're black and brown which means they go with everything.
- I always have sunglasses. And they are always Ray Bans. These will be making the trip with me.

Of course I will also bring probably three bathing suits (never too many), but I haven't decided which ones yet. I cannot wait for this trip! Fun, family, wedding, beach. Yes.


Helene said...

so jealous of your upcoming trip! sounds like a great time!!

Night Owler said...

I'm jealous too. I havent been anywhere near Florida in 6 yrs or so. Sucks.

Aleida said...

Yes I'm stalking your blog at 2 am. But I just needed to tell you that you would be proud of me I bought 1) a bathing suit 2) at Target, and it's adorable and we should swim this summer.