Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Mildly Shenaniganized Weekend

I thought about not posting this at all, but normalcy is good for me in times of crisis. I'm sorry if you find it offensive that I'm not going to spend much time acknowledging what happened in Boston yesterday; my heart is too heavy to really process it just yet. So I will post my weekend update a day late in the hopes that it allows me to regain a grip on life.

Usually my weekends are exceptionally boring, and really, this weekend wasn't too much different. BUT! I did do some stuff that I am excited to share with you. I'll make a list (you know I love that).

iPiccy: Loading picture

1. This was Friday night's OOTN. E and I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday and saw 42. It was SO good! I want to see it again, which is rare.

2. Saturday's OOTD. My first maxi dress! I had a nice down day.

3. We found this super cute bakery just down the street from us, and we had been dying to try it. We finally made it there Saturday afternoon. After that, E went to practice with his band, so I had the place to myself for the whole afternoon/evening.

4. We ordered pizza and then I passed out on the couch at 10:30. Like REALLY passed out. I had absolutely no recollection of the night, and E kept asking me if I remembered stuff. At one point I asked him, "Really? That was tonight? That feels like days ago."

5. This is Henrietta. We played with her for a little while before I passed out Saturday night. I got a few pictures, and that's all I remember.

6. Sunday morning/afternoon/evening. Got up and got my sh*t together. Rare. Put soup stuff together in the crock pot. I had the BEST girl date with Abbey! We met at Starbucks and literally sat there and talked for seven hours. We never ran out of anything to say! And also we're twins, so there's that. We even showed up wearing eerily similar outfits, right down to our key necklaces. Creep-tastic, really. I could dedicate an entire post to this, but she already did. Got home just before 9:00 (yes, p.m. -- that's how long our "date" was. omg) and ate the soup that had been cooking alllllll day!

It was pretty much a quiet weekend, but one that was exciting for me, nonetheless. Next Monday I will have much more to report, as I am going to Delaware to visit my bestie this weekend!

Over and out. Catch you on the flipside!


Stephanie said...

oh my gosh that hedgehog is the cutest thing ever!

Night Owler said...

Would love for you to come join the hop http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/2013/04/hop-around-with-shana-laney.html & http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/2013/04/tuesdays-tea-party-23.html

Anonymous said...

Quiet weekends are the best, and that pizza is making me hungry! :) Glad you had a nice weekend!

Abbey said...

Yay for awesome weekends and yummy foods! And yayyyy for awesome girl dates. I mean, what better company to have than a lefty with a key necklace, bahaha. Love us!!