Friday, April 12, 2013

I Blog For YOU

Don't get me wrong -- I blog for me, too. At least I started blogging for me.

I didn't realize there was a community, and so originally I just thought I would use my blog as a place to put my thoughts. I had all of three followers (and I know they didn't actually read) so I never thought people would care about what I was saying.

It turns out that I LOVE you guys. I've made friends I never would have met before. Some of you I've met in real life, some I will meet soon, and some I probably will never come face-to-face with. And that's okay. I still consider you my friends.

I started blogging back in 2011 (really in 2004 if you count Xanga and LiveJournal), but wasn't consistent with it until this past January. I'm so happy I decided to stick with it. In three months I've had a blog makeover, gained quite a few followers (I'm almost at 200 through Bloglovin' and GFC), won giveaways, made friends, and have begun to feel that this is where I belong.

I'm all for people saying that they blog for themselves. I think anyone who has a blog does it for themselves; it's cathartic. But let's be honest:  I continue to blog because of you. Yes, YOU. If you've ever read or commented on something I've written here, you are the reason I keep writing. I will also admit that being contacted for reviews and winning giveaways and getting free stuff is awesome! I've also learned about so many products that I had never heard of before and now I am obsessed with (thanks Lisette for alerting me to the Vino2Go and Jessica for Gap dance pants, both life-changers).

Okay, I could go on forever, but it IS #backthatazzup Friday, so in honor of doing it all for you, I give you a musician we all love to hate.


Whitney Ellen said...

1. YES LiveJournal certainly DOES count!!!! ;)
2. I love this post!! I feel the same way!

Night Owler said...

I wish I could say this but here lately I just feel like well....I've emailed you

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I hear that a lot too, bloggers saying they write for themselves and not for other people. I like to say I write BECAUSE of me, but FOR other people.

Maggie said...

Thank you for writing for me! Haha
I agree, I started as an outlet for my thoughts, but I am motivated every day by the wonderful people I am meeting.
I totally Love this song.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I had Xanga and LiveJournal accounts too! Totally agree with this post... while I do blog for me, I certainly also blog for others too! :)

Anonymous said...

p.s I nominated you on my blog today for the Liebster Award :)