Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finally a Weekend Update

First of all, congratulations to those of you who guessed correctly on the question from the other day! If you provided me your address your note is on its way. Some of you were no-reply bloggers and I tried to get in touch with you in other ways. Please be on the lookout on Twitter!

Alright. So it appears that I owe you all a recap of my weekend. It figures that the one weekend I do fun stuff would be the one I don't get around to writing a post about it. But truly, there are VERY few pictures. I was too busy.

Thursday night E and I went to look at an apartment. Our rent is going up and we need to move (although that's another story for another time, and right now it looks like we're staying where we are). It was nice, cheap, but SMALL. We have 940 square feet of space now and can't see downgrading almost 200 square feet. It would be impossible. (Not really -- we're just big babies and like what we have.)

Friday I drove to Delaware to visit my college bestie!! We revisited the Chili's we used to go to for happy hour that night. I had two margaritas and things got silly.

Saturday morning we hung out on the couch for a while and watched tv. Then we drove into Salisbury to see all the new stuff that's popped up around campus in the past two years. And of course we shopped. Oh my goodness did we shop. I bought ALL the things that said Salisbury on them and then I spent even more money at Marshall's, Old Navy, and Target. It was much needed, though. Spring, here I am! I'm ready!

Saturday night BFF's bf (that's confusing) drove us to a friend's house for drinks and dancing and an all-around hootenanny. It was fun, we drank a lot, and were home and in bed by 1:00 a.m.

Sunday was Pork in the Park. Potentially my favorite weekend. This was my third year going, and I swear I gained 10 pounds. All the best BBQ vendors from around the country come set up in the park and pretty much you just walk around ordering everything. Yep. I'm sorry, I can't explain it very well; I'm still in a meat coma. (Inappropriate, guys.)

I left Salisbury/Delaware at 2:00 and got home just after 4:00. Literally the second I walked in and sat on the couch I got a text from E (who went to the circus with his family that day) asking if I wanted to meet them for dinner. I really didn't want to, but I went anyway and as usual am glad I did. From there we went to the grocery store and then home. I had never been so tired in. my. life.

And now we're here.
Oh, PS - I started 30 Day Shred on Tuesday and I think I might die. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I wish we had a Pork in the Park, haha! I love BBQ. Okay, now I'm hungry. Good luck apartment hunting if you decide to continue to look. :)

Lauren @ This Life said...

Sorry I'm a loser/no- reply blogger!! I did catch your tweet, but this week has been crazy!!