Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That One Time I Went on a Cruise

I was 20. We're just gonna get that out of the way so you don't make fun of me in the pictures. I mean, it was only three years ago, but a lot changes from 20 to 23.

Helene had this amazeballs idea for a link up where we all talk about our worldly (or not so worldly) travels. So today I will fill you in on a little cruise I took. It's also the only time I've been out of the country. GASP!

I had never seen a cruise ship up close and personal before, so I'm sure you can imagine my surprise. Immediately I compared it to the Titanic, because that makes sense. I also really wanted my mom to be the Jack to my Rose:

Anyway, there is a really long version of the cruise story, but today we'll keep it nice and short. Here's the run-down. I won a contest my first night on the ship (seriously, do not ever battle me in a pop culture challenge, especially about music), my family and I won another contest the next day, and I won a lot of money in the cruise casino. Hey, hey! You only have to be 18 to gamble in international waters! I'm a master at Black Jack, just sayin'.

This is me winning the sh*t out of that contest. And looking at that guy like, "Really?"

Oh, I should mention -- this was a Christmas cruise. Not important, but it adds to the ambiance.

Unfortunately, I don't really have any funny stories about the trip because I was too busy being a badass and winning everything. Although, I was hanging out with a friend I met on the ship (yes, a boy) and some children were running around unattended. We were standing there alone and this kid comes busting out of some door that I was totally unaware of, and all of a sudden I hear him say, "Oh sorry dude. Didn't mean to cockblock you." I just about lost my shtuff. Hilarious. Kid, you're twelve. Where did you learn that? Who are your parents? Where are your parents?

See? Barely made it out of the USA.
And that about concludes my cruise story. Mostly it was just five days of eating, lounging, dressing up, walking around, and then more walking around. But I highly recommend it.

Peace in the Middle East!
(PS - If you can name that song/singer I will love you forever and maybe send you a present.)


Helene said...

you won a contest, you are a badass. i want to take a cruise now! last time I went on one I gained 10 lbs. i am not kidding.

Anonymous said...

The only cruise I've ever been on was when I was in seventh grade. And you cannot have that much fun in seventh grade. I want to go on a cruise where I can get wasted and gamble all my money away! ;) Or maybe win lots of money like you did. :) But my luck in casinos hasn't been too spectacular so far.

Hanna said...

I went on a cruise this past summer (without my parents) and met a boy (how weird), and there were twelve year olds running around everywhere all night long. They would lay in the hallways. And they were crying on the last night, saying stuff like "I'll never see you again." "I loved you for these 7 days." Ridiculous. I went on one after the eighth grade with my parents and never was allowed to go roaming the ship at all hours of the night. Strange things happen on cruise ships.

I'm your newest follower on bloglovin by the way!