Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Cara Box Reveal!

So after I spent my day freaking out about why I hadn't gotten my Cara Box and how the Post Office lost my package, I got home and it was waiting for me. Oops.

I was paired with Julie from oh MY tookies! (she sent to me) and Chloe from All That Good Stuff (I sent to her). It was another successful month of making new friends and being able to give the gift of happiness -- and really cool presents.

The theme for this month was "What's My Name..." and so everything in the box that was sent to me had to start with the first letter of my name. I really thought Julie would have a hard time because my name starts with G, but boy did she rock it!

In my box from Julie there was SO much stuff! Here's a list of what she sent me:

-Herb Garden Grow Kit
-Glasses (cups)
-Green mini ice cream cups (good thing I bought ice cream last night!)
-Girl Scout cookies (one of my favorite kinds, too)
-Garden wind banner
-Garden stepping stone (not pictured, but it is gorgeous!)
-Glade air fresheners in my favorite scent
-Garden salad set: big bowl, little bowls, utensils
-Green apple hand gel
-Green lip balm
-The sweetest note I've ever read! And she even had a quote from one of my favorite authors at the end, but she didn't even know he was my favorite. The best.


oh MY tookies! said...

it was so fun putting it together!! YAY fo "G's"!! G is for Gayle! x0x

Miss Angie said...

Picture isn't working, but it sounds like a wonderful package!

♥ Miss Angie
My So-Called Chaos