Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Talk About Lent.

Today I want to talk whine a little bit about Lent. I hope you don't mind.

I've never really been one to stick with it, mainly because it just wasn't a big deal growing up. (Which is totally weird because my mom's family is REALLY Catholic.) This year, since I'm living in sin with my boyfriend and not with my parents, I decided to take part. I am crazy and I gave up Starbucks. This girl, who needs her daily fix, even if it's just for the tea. Insane.

Oddly enough, that's not the part I'm having trouble with. Starbucks is no longer on my daily route to work, so it's much easier to avoid than expected. The hard part is not eating meat on Fridays. I was really great about it the first week, and then the two weeks after that I totally screwed up. I went to visit my mom in Florida and she made bacon for breakfast (again, the really Catholic lady who raised me). So I ate it. I mean, I was following the Fourth Commandment. Then last week I went to lunch with some friends, but it was so hard to find anything on the menu that didn't involve meat. I ended up getting a salad with chicken in it.

It's not like these have been accidents. I totally knew what I was doing. I keep telling myself that I don't need to feel totally crappy about it because this is the first year I've actively participated, AND I haven't had any Starbucks. Totally legit, right?

(I already know this post will get me hate mail. Oh well.)

I guess the point of this is to tell you all that this is how I ended up talking Erich into taking me to Bonefish Grill tonight for dinner. Score. Fish = not meat. Also, date night and free dinner/drinks. Win-win-win.

It felt good to get that out. Thanks, guys!

And now, to link up with the wonderful Whitney, I will seamlessly segue into a rap song. Well, not exactly a rap song, but Britney Spears featuring the Ying Yang Tweeeeeaaaaaans. (Full circle. Love that.) So really we're getting the best of both worlds, here. (Hannah Montana, anyone?) Please enjoy this musical selection and the rest of your day!


Kelly Slater said...

Great song! And I feel ya on the Starbucks thing. I could never give it up!

Jessica K said...

Wow. Starbucks! Way to go! That's awesome. The song cracked me up! Have a great weekend!

SignatureChic said...

hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! great post!! would you like to follow each other? i always return the follow :)