Monday, March 18, 2013

eShakti Review

Hiiiii guys! So a while back eShakti contacted me about doing a review for them. This may not be news to you if you saw my post about their discount code. Anyway, I finally received my clothing item, so I guess it's time to tell you what I think!

B.T.dubs, I have pictures that will be uploaded later, but I'm at work. Sorry. I know it's hard to get the picture (no pun intended) without the pictures. Just try.

If you aren't familiar with eShakti, let me tell you a little bit about them. They offer clothing items such as dresses (including bridesmaid dresses), shirts, skirts, jackets, and sweaters. They allow you to choose an item and then customize it! If this isn't the coolest thing, I don't know what is. You can change the length or type of sleeves, the length of the skirt or dress, and the neckline of your clothing item. Now, along with customization, they also allow you to embellish your item. Their prices are pretty standard, and now I can officially say the quality is a match.

I chose a poplin dress that originally had long sleeves and was below-the-knee. I chopped off the sleeves entirely so that they are now tank top width. I also shortened the dress so that it is above-the-knee. I chose to have the neckline changed slightly so that is is a wide square. (This was a mistake on my part -- it doesn't lay quite right, but that has nothing to do with the company.) I think I will definitely order from them again, but I will choose a different fabric; I'm not entirely thrilled with the poplin. style poplin dressV.jpg
The dress I chose is orange, but that one is no longer on their site.
The shipping was faster than I expected. It did take about two weeks for them to create the dress, but as soon as I was notified of the shipping, I had it within two days. And it came from India! They mean business.

Warning: The dress is a bit wrinkled from shipping, and I haven't had time to iron it, so when I upload the pictures, please excuse that.

*This dress was given to me c/o eShakti for review purposes. I did not receive any other compensation. The opinions are mine entirely.*

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Anonymous said...

That was a good idea to make the sleeves shorter as you did. I've never tried poplin before. I have a feeling it wouldn't lay right on me either. Looks gorgeous tho!