Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Target Tale

Today I want to tell you a story. It's about a journey that's taken me forever about a month and a half to complete. It is a tale of patience and perserverance. This journey begins at Target.

Picture it:  The electronics section at Target. The wonderful aisle full of iPhone covers and iPad accessories and all-around fun stuff. I knew I would soon be getting the iPhone 5 (yay!), so I started scouting cases early. PS - I'm not one to generally buy into trends, but this one got me. I saw the most perfect case that I knew I couldn't live without. I mean, really couldn't live without. It was $25.00. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS?! For a piece of plastic I'm gonna cover my phone with? Noooope. So I sadly put it back.

Meanwhile, I complained forever about it. It hurt my heart to leave the store without it! (Shopaholic. Truth. Buyer's remorse? Never heard of it.) A few days later, I had a revelation! That item would go on sale eventually, just like every item at Target does. And I stalk the clearance section like. it's. my. job. So of course I knew that one day I would be rummaging calmly looking through the clearance section and it would be there. Duh. Have some faith.

Maybe a week or a week and a half later I was back at Target (seriously, though, I'm there like once a week). I ran to the clearance section to see if the coveted case was there yet. IT WAS! But wait. $17.48? No thanks. So again I left without it.

Fast forward another week(ish). Still there. No one had taken it! And the price went down again! Um. $12.48? Too expensive. Again I waited.

Saturday. As in the one that just passed. I was at Target ogling all the things. I made my way to the clearance section, this time by chance, oddly enough. I noticed they had added quite a selection of iPhone 5 cases to the display. I flipped through them and found THE ONE. The one I had been waiting for! You would think someone would have bought it by now. I mean, this journey started at the end of January. NOPE! And -- get this -- the price had dropped again.

The chosen iPhone case was on clearance for $7.48. Less than $8.00. THIS is affordable. An originally $25.00 case and I stole (c'mon...it feels like a steal) it for under eight bucks!

So. Please learn from this tale. While all things at Target are perfect and it's difficult to not buy them, WAIT. They WILL go on sale. And it will be worth it.

Side note:  I realized that I needed the plastic case with all the clearance stickers on it so I could take pictures...after I already threw it away. So yes, I dug through the trash for it just so I could prove to you that this really happened. Never again.


Staci said...

This is genius. But I have such a patience problem. What if goes away foreverrr?!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

haha, I have so done this before too! Take THAT Target!!