Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Remember when people used to actually write each other I.O.Us? I do. Vaguely. Anyway, this is how I feel. I owe you. I didn't post my recipe yesterday like I said I would. Truthfully, it's sitting in my drafts but I haven't gotten around to uploading the pictures from my camera. And honestly, you can't do a recipe post without pictures, amIright?

Right now I'm thinking that recipe has to wait until tomorrow night. (I'm sorry. I suck. Hence, I.O.U.) I would do these super cool posts right now, but alas, I cannot. I'm at work. And while I can totally do a super simple post like this and also troll all the blogs I read on a daily basis, I cannot use the cool features of writing/posting a blog on this server. (Post pictures, create links, bold, italics, etc. Dumb, right?)

So. This is my apology. But I have not forgotten, or become too distracted from blogland; work just sucks. So there you have it.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Gayle! Thanks for visiting my blog today!We used to write little IOU notes all the time in school. Do kids still write notes at all anymore or did txting take over? Tis a shame. :)