Friday, February 1, 2013


Whew! Okay, so I'm back. I guess I have a lot to catch up on. Here it goes...

Last Friday was my last update. Pretty much I did nothing all day (seriously, I didn't even get dressed until 5:00), but then I did get to go enjoy a sweet dinner date with the boyfriend. We live together,  but I happened to be puppy-sitting at my parents' house last week. I love when he comes to visit me and take me on dates.  :)

This was my hot date before my actual hot date. Isn't he precious?

Saturday was more of the same. A completely lazy day. I have no idea how I will ever get anything accomplished while being so lazy, but I'm also a firm believer that sometimes you just need a day OFF. Yes? Mhm. So, wonderful boyfriend came over again to make me get out of my pajamas and live my life. This pretty much means dinner. If I haven't lost you yet, this means all I did was sleep and eat for two days. Hmm.

Sunday was a little bit more exciting (yay!). Boyfriend came to take me to breakfast. Can you tell he's not the type to sit still? He hates when I just sit around all day; I think my having every Friday off is starting to get to him. Ha ha. On top of the wonderful breakfast, my stepdad came back from Florida -- my mom is staying there for two months! I was officially released from my puppy-sitting duties, so I hung around the house for a bit to hang out and clean up the mess I made during the week (oops). I was back at my own home by 5:00. The evening was not lost! I did something productive -- I went grocery shopping! I planned all of our meals for the week and then spent waaaaayyyyy too much money at Safeway. But it's all good because it got me 30 cents off gas. Woo! Who doesn't love those rewards?

So, blah blah blah, work on Monday. Then...BOOM. Stomach bug. I don't even want to relive it. I was out of commission all day Tuesday. I could barely hold my own head up. Pathetic, I know. Moving on.

So then Wednesday and yesterday were just full work days. Boring. Whatever. Oh wait! Yesterday was not totally boring! Boyfriend requested pesto pasta with chicken for dinner (he has such good taste), but I didn't feel like making chicken just for a few tiny pieces to throw into our pasta. He had the good genius idea to use our leftover chicken from Wednesday night! So smart. (We're kind of chicken people.) He doesn't want to take as much credit for this as I want to give him. Too bad.

Delicous. Pesto from a jar, people. It does wonders.

Oh, okay, so I remembered something else. Apparently yesterday wasn't boring at all! I got an email from a close friend asking if I would babysit her boy! I haven't seen them in so long! This may seem like a petty thing, but I'm super excited about it. Every time I go to babysit they have food for me, they let me raid their fridge and eat their ice cream, and their boy is the cutest. ever. And he turned two in December. I can't even handle it! Oh, and I always get to spend the night at their place so I don't have to drive home, which guarantees hang-out time with their little family and tons of time to catch them up on my life, and vice-versa. EXCITED! Alright, that's it.

Now we're back to Friday. Already?! Oh, and it's FEBRUARY! I can't even believe it. I have so much going on this month and I can't wait! But I will save those adventures for posts when they actually get closer.

Speaking of February, it's the 1st. Time to sign up for the Cara Box! This will be my first time participating, but I'm super excited about it. If you don't know what this is, go check it out on Kaitlyn's blog:  Wifessionals. You'll love it, I promise!

Cara Box

Alright. I have quite the list of things to do today, so we'll see how much gets accomplished. There could be tutorials coming soon depending on how well things go today, so be on the lookout for those! Now go and have a great day, lovelies!


Leanne Redding said...

New follower from GFC Collective! Your little puppy is so cute! I'm doing CaraBox too, so fun! Looking forward to reading your posts.

Gayle Elizabeth Morris said...

Hi! Thanks so much for connecting! I'm at work now and the browsers aren't compatible with GFC, but I'll be following you back! I looked around your blog, and you seem a lot like me. :) Crocheter, actor, singer, dancer. Awesome! Your family, by the way, is absolutely precious.