Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's OK!

Today, for another round of "It's OK Thursday" I am linking up with Amber. This always makes me feel better.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...

...that I did all the homework for my class while I was at work.

...that I will probably eat Frosted Flakes for dinner tonight.

...that I have NO shame about the fact that I don't work on Fridays. And on that note, it's okay that I'll probably sleep until 11:00 tomorrow.

...that I spend more time blogging than doing real work.

...that in the next few weeks I will be putting WAY too much money into this bloggy-blog. regret giving up Starbucks for Lent. #whatwasithinking use hashtags in posts. Right?

...that some of my Christmas presents are still on the chair where I left them...on Christmas. make a whole list of things to do and then not do any of them. wish I had more motivation to exercise. But instead I think I'll just complain about it. be totally in love with my new phone. also feel like I hurt my old phone's feelings. be really super excited about the weekend ahead!

What are you guys totally okay with these days?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today, I am linking up with the best, also known as Staci and other lovelies, to bring you things that I will NEVER (ever ever) apologize for. Well maybe, but probably not.

Sorry I'm not sorry that...

-I blog at work on a crappy computer, which means that links don't show up. (I'll fix it later, promise.)

-I hated college and couldn't be happier that that time in my life is OVER.

-I really can't stand three-letter monograms. SO NOT SORRY.

-I'm needy and I whine a lot (only to the boyfriend, though). #onlychildproblems

-I love prison movies. Shawshank, Cool Hand Luke, The Green Mile, Stallag 17. Love 'em.

-I'm SO sick of Beyonce.

-On that note, I should tell you that I can't stand Jennifer Lawrence.

-I have zero patience. Ever.

-You can tell what I'm thinking/feeling by my face. I've actually been told to "fix" this.

-I am a grandma. Complete with never missing Jeopardy and going to bed at 9:30.

-I want people to like me and to like my blog. Let's be real here. You can lie all you want about how you "just love writing" (I have a BA in English. I do love writing.), but seriously we all want to make friends. And it's easier to make friends when you have a pretty blog. Fail. #idontcareimstillnotsorry

-The smell of peanut butter makes me gag. I can eat it, I just don't do so well opening the jar.

-Poor grammar will make me hate you.

-I'm creepy with birthdays. As in, I will remember it forever if you only tell me once.

-I am directionally challenged. This is what a GPS is for.

-I have never seen The Bachelor.

-It irritates me when people refer to themselves as a twenty-something. Well, that's nice, but why don't you just tell me how old you are? Or don't refer to it at all. kthanks.

-I sound bitter in this post. Maybe I am. Oh well!

That's a lot of things. So I guess I'm also not sorry that my list was so long.

Who Doesn't Love Discounts?

If you don't, then you should probably just not read this. I'll wait for those of you who aren't interested to leave before I continue...

Okay! So. I was going to leave this as a surprise, but since I've been given this opportunity to give you a discount, it will no longer stay a secret. You follow? No? Well here's the explanation.

eShakti contacted me recently to do a review of a product. (This part will stay a secret, but only because I haven't received the product yet.) They got in touch again because they wanted me to pass on a promo code just for you. Yep. Pretty special, huh?

I don't want to give too much away because the review is in the works, so if you have no idea what eShakti is (and don't worry, I didn't either), here's an overview: They are a company that allows you to pick an article of clothing and then take that piece and customize it! How cool is that? On most of their clothing you can adjust the length of the article, the neckline, and the sleeves. Not in the mood for long sleeves on that shirt? Chop 'em off! Feeling modest and want your hemline to be a little lower? Choose a below-the-knee length! To better understand what I'm talking about you can check them out at

One dress. Tons of options! *This is from the email they sent me. This is NOT me.

Here's the information you want (finally, I know).

This promo code is good for 20% off your purchase. It is good TODAY (2/27/13) - MARCH 10th.
***UPDATE:  eShakti is extending this until March 20th due to website glitches***

There are some conditions, so listen up. Code has to be entered in the 'Promotional Code' box. No Minimum Order Value. The discount code is not case sensitive. The code can be used any number of times until the validity period. This code can be clubbed with any other gift coupon or gift card in the same order. This discount code is not applicable on our Overstock category. Not applicable on previous purchases.

Oh, you want the code? Right. Of course you do!



*I also want to note that even though I haven't received my product yet, I have a lot of faith in this company and have also read reviews from other bloggers. That is why I feel comfortable forwarding the promo code to you guys. Be on the lookout for the actual review (opinions will be my own -- duh)!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Double Break Time

I have a secret to tell you. I'm overwhelmed. I have a lot going on and I'm finding it hard to stay on top of things. Which leads me to the bad news:  I'm taking a blogging break.

Today's post will be long-ish, and then I won't post again until possibly next Wednesday (2/27). If I get a spare moment between now and then, maybe I'll post a little something-something, but I'm allowing myself this break to enjoy my mini-vacation (more on that in a sec) and to get organized. I hope you all don't mind.

Stressing about trying to find the time to blog this week is wearing me down, and I know it will only become more difficult. We've all been there, right?

Okay, well, that's all the depressing stuff I have for you so on to the fun stuff! I guess I'll give a quick weekend re-cap.

PS - There aren't any weekend pictures. That's just the kind of weekend it was. Plus, I've been to Philly so many times that there's nothing I need to take pictures of anymore.

Friday: Sat around ALL day because E had to work from home. We were planning on leaving for Philadelphia in the late-ish afternoon. Well, ish happens, and so we couldn't leave until 7:00. Yep. At night. We drove to Philly, checked into our hotel, found a place to eat (The Perch Pub. I suggest you check it out if you're ever in the area.), and crashed.

Saturday: This was the one day I would have LOVED to take pictures, but I couldn't. We went to the Franklin Institute to see the Titanic Exhibit. It. Was. AWESOME. I have been pretty much obsessed with the Titanic since I was eight. But I'm not obsessed with the movie; I'm obsessed with the actual ship. Guys, let me tell you...this exhibit was so overwhelming emotionally for me. I don't know if I'm just ridiculous (well, I am just ridiculous, but that's not the point), or what. Something struck a cord with me, and I totally cried. It was slightly embarrassing. Moving on...

Saturday night we got all dressed up (not really, but I did wear a dress) and went to this really nice Italian restaurant for dinner. The portion size of my homemade linguine with creamy bolognese sauce was out of control. I couldn't finish it, and I almost had a heart attack because I was so upset that I couldn't box it up and take it with me. That's what happens when you get a hotel room with no fridge. Ugh.

Sunday: We were up and out of there pretty early. E's stepmom's birthday party was back home at 1:00. We were a little late, but we made it. It was a super fun day all around. Oh, and if you were wondering, the party was at the Duck Pin Bowling place. Awesome. We stayed there until about 4:30ish. Then it was home to relax for all of five minutes.

E and I decided to go see a movie. The theater where we live was (is?) still playing Argo, even though it came out on DVD yesterday. Crazy. I must admit, I loved it so much that I am planning on buying it. Soon. It's one of those movies that gives you insane anxiety, though. This, of course, is not so good for someone like me who already has insane anxiety. But I survived.

My survival of the movie was celebrated by my going home and immediately falling asleep on the couch. Does anyone else feel like you sleep better when you fall asleep on the couch before actually going to bed? No? Just me?

Monday: As you may know, Monday was Presidents' Day. NO WORK! I went to my parents' house to do some laundry and get stuff together for my trip to Florida this weekend! Then I made a really disgusting dinner that we won't mention again and went to bed.

Tuesday: I know Tuesday isn't part of the weekend, but I didn't post yesterday, so now it's part of the re-cap. I worked. That's basically it. Then I went home and made a really awesome dinner which we will mention again, followed by a late-night trip to Target. Thank God Target has bathing suits on sale this time of year. I can't go to Florida without a bathing suit! (I am dumb, and even though I was at my parents' house on Monday I forgot to grab my bathing suits to pack for this weekend. Yes, you may laugh.)

Now here we are. Wednesday. My day so far has consisted of eating a blueberry muffin with a spoon and making lots of lists. I cannot wait to go home and pack. E and I are leaving tomorrow night; our flight is at 8:00. Friday morning will be waking up in 80 degree Florida! Saturday is my mom's birthday, and you might remember that she is currently vacationing by herself for two months. She is loving every minute of it, but I still couldn't let her be alone for her birthday. And with my not working on Fridays... you get it.

This mini vacation is also one of the main reasons for my blogging break. I have too much to do between now and then, and I highly doubt that I will have time over the weekend -- between bars, the dog track, more bars, the pool/beach, and birthday celebrations -- to be in front of a computer long enough to write anything. And I have been too busy to pre-plan any posts. Sorrynotsorry.

And before I forget (again), here is something I wanted to share with you. I recently went to IKEA (twice. Whatever.) and bought a shelf and a lamp to complete my craft/holiday/pretty corner! Please excuse the mess on the chair, but here is what it looks like:

Valentine's Day theme for this month.
Sorry for the not-so-great quality. This was taken with my good camera, but the room had to be dark to show off the lights we got to put inside the shelves. They change colors! I made the Valentine's Day picture in the frame, and I bought the heart-shaped bowl at Target (dollar section, heeeey!). The corner is complete with a basket for my yarn, cute pictures and garland, and the most comfortable/cute papasan chair ever. I'm so happy!

As for next week, and why I won't be posting again until Wednesday, simply put: I'll be busy. We land at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday and I will probably just want to get ready to start my week. Monday night will be spent at Verizon finally upgrading my phone (iPhone 5, here I come!). Tuesday night may be filled with music by the wonderful Scott Miller, who will be playing at Hill Country DC. I've never been, and I NEED to go. Hill Country DC is like a small Austin, TX practically in my backyard. There is nothing better than that. Except maybe the real Austin. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

Now begins my blogging break. Thanks for understanding. But I will leave you with a picture of my little girl, Henrietta, wearing her Valentine's Day attire. And also winking...I think.

Monday, February 18, 2013

GFC Blog Hop!

It's that time again! BreAnna's blog hop!

There will be another post coming your way today, but for now I'll be meeting as many people as possible through the blog hop. Go check it out!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Will You Be My Valentine?

I know it's not Valentine's Day anymore. But everyone should have a Valentine every day. So I'm hoping you will be my Valentine. Deal?

I had this super cool linkup that I was going to join yesterday, but unfortunately I was too busy to actually link up. Bad blogger award. But today! Today is a new day! And now I will post that linkup. I'm joining Melissa for her super cool, relationship questioning linkup! There was a list of questions that  your SO and you both had to answer. (It's a test!) So E played along and here are our answers!

*Disclaimer: E and I are not married, so I had to reword a few questions.  :)

How long have you been together?
E: 2 years 8 months 8 days; 984 days
G: 2 years 8 months

Where was your first date?
E: La Tolteca, La Plata, MD
G: La Tolteca, his house, and Target

Where was your first kiss?
E: provided address of his parents' house
G: His parents' house

Who said "I love you" first?
E: Me  :)
G: He did

What is her most commonly used phrase?
E: "Mother Eff!" (not the actual curse)
G: "Are you kidding me?!"
(he's actually right, I do say that a lot)

Who is her celebrity crush?
E: Johnny Depp/Adam Levine/Taylor Hanson
G: Taylor Hanson/Matt Bomer/Johnny Depp
(when we were comparing answers I almost had a breakdown because I forgot Adam Levine. Bonus points for E.)

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
E: Blue motorcycle for her, whatever beer the bartender has for him
G: Shinerbock for him, bay breeze for her

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
E: Pesto chicken pasta and the potato, green bean, chicken bake
G: baked chicken and vegetables

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you? 
E: lemon chicken soup
G: lemon chicken soup
(guys, it was totally disgusting. Fail.)

What is the most-played song on her iPod?
E: Give a Little - Hanson/Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
G: probably something Hanson

What would you say is your most annoying habit?
E: Nail biting
G: His constant singing/noise making
(I was going to put nail biting, but it doesn't really affect me. It's much more irritating when he's always making noise.)

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
E: Asks for a massage/gets tucked in
G: puts on chapstick

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
E: purple tank top
G: flip flops with the holes

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
E: sense of humor
G: I make him laugh

What's her go-to drink at Starbucks (which she just gave up for Lent. Boo.)?
E: iced white mocha - no whip
G: iced white mocha - no whip

What's her blog's name?
E: A Gayle Force
G: A Gayle Force

I think he did pretty well! It was definitely fun to compare answers; we had a good laugh afterward. We're such nerds. I have to say, he knows me better than I know myself and it's a little scary. 

Since we're on the topic of Valentine's Day (well, we were anyway...), I want to share with you a few parts of my day yesterday. E and I don't really do gifts or anything. This is our third VDay together, and we've always gone away to celebrate. Taking trips is our gift to each other. We're actually leaving later today to go to Philadelphia for the weekend. With this in mind, please see what I woke up to yesterday morning:


This giraffe was sitting on top of my purse in the living room, so I saw him before I left for work. Adorable, right? Oh, PS - this giraffe plays music AND dances. Yep. 

As if that's not enough, I came home yesterday to find E in the kitchen putting away groceries (which is a win in itself). We had a whole conversation before I even realized that this had happened:

Well, I took this picture after I made dinner. So technically this hadn't totally happened yet. (The pictures I took when I originally saw the table are terrible quality, so you get this instead.) But he bought flowers and put them in the glasses and lit candles. Romantic and whatnot. 

I had one more thing I was gonna write about today, but this post has already become too long. I will leave you with something to look forward to. Besides, I have to go get ready for the day and pack for our trip! I've got things to do. Peace up, A-Town down. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need to Smell Like a Hot Guy

Truth. I know I can't be the only female who occasionally likes to smell all those wonderful boy body washes and shampoos. Sometimes they smell even better than the girly ones! This leads me to today's topic:  smelling like a boy (in a good way).

Bath and Body Works came out with a men's line a while ago (tell me you already know this! If you don't, go smell all the smells immediately.), and each of those scents smells like a little piece of Heaven. One day I was slowly making my way through the store -- smelling everything, duh -- and I came across the 5 for $5 antibacterial hand gels. You know the ones, right? Well, I happened to notice that the "man scents" were part of the collection. This was actually the first time I had smelled them, and I instantly fell in love.

I decided that I needed to buy three of them (and two for me so I could get that awesome deal; can you blame me?). I bought them with the mindset that I would give them to E. One for his car, one for his work bag, and one for my car. Let me just tell you that I have used them more than he has, and I always get super excited when I remember that there's one in my car. Anyway, this morning on my way to work I just happened to sneeze all over myself. I know, it's a pretty picture. I went digging for hand sanitizer and found this (because, you know, I totally forgot I had it):

Noir. The best-smelling men's antibacterial gel EVER.
PS - Not my picture. Google.
 I could have chosen to use my super girly-smelling apple lavender hand sanitizer, but noooo. THIS smelled so much better! So. Here I am at work smelling like a super hot guy, and you know what? I love it.

*Bath & Body Works has no freakin' clue I wrote this; it's just my own crazy opinion.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Things First

So I've decided that I might, a little bit, kind of enjoy doing link-ups. They're just so fun! Other bloggers have much better ideas than I do about what makes a good post. I'm always entertained when I read other people's stories.

So today, I am linking up with Halie and Hallie for First Things First.

{Links and pictures to come, promise!}

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning
Well, this is a loaded question. I split my time between two places, so my morning routine is different depending on where I am. Although I guess they both have one thing in common:  I always have to pee the second I get out of bed. I feel like most people do that. Does it still count?

First heart break
My first "heartbreak" was in second grade. I had the most perfect little boyfriend named Andy. I mean, he was really perfect. One time we were outside on the playground and I was freezing, so he let me wear his coat! We made it through most of second grade together, being perfect. Then. He moved. I knew I would never see him again. Devastating. Although technicall we never broke up before he left. I guess we're still together?

My first real heart break didn't happen until college. I almost wish it would have happened sooner so that I would have known what to expect. Oh well. I had been dating the same guy for almost three years on and off. Even though we had a lot of "offs" there was one time when I knew it was definite. I was completely devastated. I shouldn't have been, but tell that to my 19-year-old heart. Loooooong story short, this ends with my mom coming into my room at 1:00 a.m. (because she could hear me crying) and taking my phone away. Wow, that's all actually really embarrassing. Whatever, I was heartbroken so it's totally excusable.

First prom or school dance
Alright, I went to a lot of school dances in my day, starting in elementary school. But I don't want to talk about those; I want to talk about my first prom. Prom at my high school was always combined juniors and seniors. I was a junior. I went by myself, but not. I was in a group of kids who were all older than me (they were so nice to invite me to be part of their group. After all, they were popular and I wasn't.), but I didn't have a date. I'm gonna go ahead and give you all the long version of this story because that what you want, right? So. I had asked a boy a year younger than me if he wanted to go as friends. He told me he couldn't because his mom said he was too young to go to prom. Boo. I got over it. Then this group asked me if I wanted to go with them. We're talking a group of 10 of the most popular kids at school. Who the heck would turn that down?! Anyway. I get to the house where we were all meeting the night of prom only to see that the kid I asked is there! With someone else! WHAT? He gave me this spiel about how his mom felt totally comfortable letting him go with this other girl because he's known her forever, blah blah blah. Fine. So there's roughly a bajillion of us hanging out together. Cool. We get to prom, and I pretty much stole my date back. We spent the entire night dancing together because his date didn't want to dance with him. Actually, we were the LAST two people on the dance floor at the end of the night. So that's my prom story. Oh, PS - I won Prom Princess. So there's that.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crock Pot Potato Soup (With Extra Notes/Corrections)

Alrigt ladies. So as I said before, this was an absolute fail for me. But E LOVED it. And on the second day, they had officially become the consistency of mashed potatoes. Which I love, but not when they're supposed to be soup. So here's my recipe, complete with what I would change so you have a better experience than I did!

Here's what you need:

6 large baking potatoes - peeled and cubed (note: Try 4 or 5 first)
4 cups chicken broth (I would change this to 3 cups chicken/1 cup vegetable, or 2 and 2)
1 large carrot - sliced (I omitted this entirely, but you don't have to)
2 stalks celery - chopped finely
1 cup chopped onion
1 1/4 cups milk
1/4 cup flour
1 tsp Dried Parsley
1/2 tsp Dried Basil
Salt and pepper to taste
Bacon - optional

1. Once potatoes are peeled and cubed, add them to the crock pot.

That's a WHOLE lot of potatoes.
2. Add onions and celery, and carrots if you want them.
3. Pour in broth.
4. Add spices, including salt and pepper.
5. Turn crock pot to low and leave for 7ish hours.
6. After the time is up, your "soup" will not look like soup; it will look like potatoes cooking in liquid. Disappointing.

At this point, I used a potato masher to gently mash the potatoes to make them into more of a soupy consistency. After that I turned the crock pot up to high and left it for half an hour.

After mashing.
After half an hour, I came back to stir soup and to add the flour and milk. I mixed them together in a bowl and then poured the mixture into the Crock Pot. This is to thicken up the soup and you should complete this step half an hour to an hour before you are going to eat. If you come back to check on the soup and feel that it is thick enough, do not add the mixture. *This is where I went wrong. My soup was already too thick and then I added the mixture anyway; that's how I got mashed potatoes.

If you do add the mixture, let it sit for at least half an hour before eating.

E and I decided that it's not potato soup unless it has bacon in it, so we cooked some up and crumbled it into our soup. This is obviously optional, but I highly recommend it.

The perfect addition to anything your soup. 
Sorry for not taking a picture of the finished product. I was so disappointed by it that all I could do was stare at it and complain. Enjoy your soup! I hope yours turns out MUCH better than mine. Or maybe next time I'll just actually call them mashed potatoes to trick my brain.  :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Okay Thursday

I thought for fun today I'd do a little link up. Who doesn't need some encouragement every once in a while? (Even if it's coming from themselves...) Linking up with Amber and Neely today to remind myself that "It's Ok!"

Join in the link-up and go make friends! That's why we're here!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay...

...that even though I love my job sometimes I just get really fed up.

...that sometimes I just want to spend time with my puppy. No boyfriends allowed.

...that I have big ideas that I will probably never accomplish. A girl can dream, right?

...that I get ridiculously anxious sometimes. (Thanks, GAD.)

...that you get sick out of nowhere -- and for no reason! -- and complain insessantly about it. (Story of my life for the past week. Ugh.) eat an Uncrustable for breakfast. Every day.

...that I still drink chocolate milk out of a "sippy cup." ...and that I still drink chocolate milk. not get anything accomplished on your day off every once in a while. write your "it's ok" post while you're at work.  :)

That about sums it up for today. Well, not really. I could go on for days, but I won't. Another post coming your way tonight, so stay tuned! Also, if anyone can recommend a really awesome blog designer who won't make me poor, please let me know. This thing needs an overhaul.

Until later!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Remember when people used to actually write each other I.O.Us? I do. Vaguely. Anyway, this is how I feel. I owe you. I didn't post my recipe yesterday like I said I would. Truthfully, it's sitting in my drafts but I haven't gotten around to uploading the pictures from my camera. And honestly, you can't do a recipe post without pictures, amIright?

Right now I'm thinking that recipe has to wait until tomorrow night. (I'm sorry. I suck. Hence, I.O.U.) I would do these super cool posts right now, but alas, I cannot. I'm at work. And while I can totally do a super simple post like this and also troll all the blogs I read on a daily basis, I cannot use the cool features of writing/posting a blog on this server. (Post pictures, create links, bold, italics, etc. Dumb, right?)

So. This is my apology. But I have not forgotten, or become too distracted from blogland; work just sucks. So there you have it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Jimmy Fallon and a Weekend Update. How Fitting.

LAAAADIEEEES! It's been a long day. But now I'm home. On the couch. With wine. And ice cream. 

Is there anything better? 

Tomorrow there will be a crock pot recipe coming your way, so stay tuned if you're interested! (It was a fail for me, but boyfriend LOVED it. And I think I know how to fix what went wrong, so special notes will be involved.)

As for today, it's time for a weekend update. (See what I did there? Heh.)

Friday: Sat around most of the day, finally got around to grooming my eyebrows (which means I paid someone to wax them), and cleaned. Super fun, right? BUT! At about 2:00 I got a text from a friend asking if boyfriend and I wanted to double date with him and a giiiiiirl! This wouldn't be so awesome, except that this is a girl we've never met, and frankly, it's surprising. Soooo, we ended up going to some super hipster restaurant in Old Town. The girl was really nice, I'm happy to say. After that, they split, but E and I went down the street to our favorite bar. Hey! The night was still young, and so are we! Anyway, three drinks and a shot later... that's all I remember. 

Saturday: Woke up with the headache to match my lost memories. We sat around most of the day before we finally decided to DO STUFF. We went to IKEA! If you know me well, you know that IKEA can be more dangerous to me than Target (gasp!). I know, but it's true. So a massive amount of money later, we have a new rug and lots of little things that we didn't really need. And we're going back next weekend to get the stuff we do need. Since we were up in that direction, we spent our evening DUCK PIN BOWLING! If you have never done this, please GO. NOW. It is SO fun. There's something about using a bowling ball that resembles a shot put that makes bowling so much more awesome. 

Teeny tiny!

We always play two games. And we almost always tie. Here's the proof that this time was no different:

I'm GEM (obv). I lost the first game.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

 That was our Saturday. I think boyfriend had a couple extra hours than I did because I totally zonked on the way home, and then transplanted to the couch and fell immediately asleep again. I didn't wake up until he woke me up at 1:00 a.m. to go to bed! Busy days are too much for me!

Sunday: Brunch with our friend and his lady friend at one of our favorite restaurants -- always fun. Then more shopping. You're probably asking yourself, "How can she shop so much?!" Well, it's easy. I just can. Plus, sometimes I'm egged on by the boy. (He likes loves to shop so much.) So after adventure number three for the weekend (can you keep up?), I DISCOVERED THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD. I'm not exaggerating. And really, that's saying something because I'm not so much a fan of ice cream; I'd rather eat ice of some sort or sorbet. Okay, so ohmygoshbesticecreamever. It's Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack. It was inspired by Jimmy Fallon. (Now you get it, right?) Let me quickly tell you about this ice cream. I say quickly because it's siren-calling me from the freezer right now and I MUST HAVE IT. It's vanilla bean ice cream with salted (salted!) caramel swirls and clusters of chocolate-covered potato chips. Okay, now if you've never had chocolate covered potato chips by themselves, you need to try them. But in ice cream, they are even. better.

So that was my weekend. Oh, and I made potato soup. But more about that tomorrow. Now go enjoy what's left of your Monday night! Oh, who am I kidding? Just go grab a glass of wine and put your feet up.

Link Up, Make Friends. Easy!

Hey ladies! I'm linking up to make friends! You should definitely come check it out. This is a great way to meet people and to gain followers. Just click the button and link up!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Whew! Okay, so I'm back. I guess I have a lot to catch up on. Here it goes...

Last Friday was my last update. Pretty much I did nothing all day (seriously, I didn't even get dressed until 5:00), but then I did get to go enjoy a sweet dinner date with the boyfriend. We live together,  but I happened to be puppy-sitting at my parents' house last week. I love when he comes to visit me and take me on dates.  :)

This was my hot date before my actual hot date. Isn't he precious?

Saturday was more of the same. A completely lazy day. I have no idea how I will ever get anything accomplished while being so lazy, but I'm also a firm believer that sometimes you just need a day OFF. Yes? Mhm. So, wonderful boyfriend came over again to make me get out of my pajamas and live my life. This pretty much means dinner. If I haven't lost you yet, this means all I did was sleep and eat for two days. Hmm.

Sunday was a little bit more exciting (yay!). Boyfriend came to take me to breakfast. Can you tell he's not the type to sit still? He hates when I just sit around all day; I think my having every Friday off is starting to get to him. Ha ha. On top of the wonderful breakfast, my stepdad came back from Florida -- my mom is staying there for two months! I was officially released from my puppy-sitting duties, so I hung around the house for a bit to hang out and clean up the mess I made during the week (oops). I was back at my own home by 5:00. The evening was not lost! I did something productive -- I went grocery shopping! I planned all of our meals for the week and then spent waaaaayyyyy too much money at Safeway. But it's all good because it got me 30 cents off gas. Woo! Who doesn't love those rewards?

So, blah blah blah, work on Monday. Then...BOOM. Stomach bug. I don't even want to relive it. I was out of commission all day Tuesday. I could barely hold my own head up. Pathetic, I know. Moving on.

So then Wednesday and yesterday were just full work days. Boring. Whatever. Oh wait! Yesterday was not totally boring! Boyfriend requested pesto pasta with chicken for dinner (he has such good taste), but I didn't feel like making chicken just for a few tiny pieces to throw into our pasta. He had the good genius idea to use our leftover chicken from Wednesday night! So smart. (We're kind of chicken people.) He doesn't want to take as much credit for this as I want to give him. Too bad.

Delicous. Pesto from a jar, people. It does wonders.

Oh, okay, so I remembered something else. Apparently yesterday wasn't boring at all! I got an email from a close friend asking if I would babysit her boy! I haven't seen them in so long! This may seem like a petty thing, but I'm super excited about it. Every time I go to babysit they have food for me, they let me raid their fridge and eat their ice cream, and their boy is the cutest. ever. And he turned two in December. I can't even handle it! Oh, and I always get to spend the night at their place so I don't have to drive home, which guarantees hang-out time with their little family and tons of time to catch them up on my life, and vice-versa. EXCITED! Alright, that's it.

Now we're back to Friday. Already?! Oh, and it's FEBRUARY! I can't even believe it. I have so much going on this month and I can't wait! But I will save those adventures for posts when they actually get closer.

Speaking of February, it's the 1st. Time to sign up for the Cara Box! This will be my first time participating, but I'm super excited about it. If you don't know what this is, go check it out on Kaitlyn's blog:  Wifessionals. You'll love it, I promise!

Cara Box

Alright. I have quite the list of things to do today, so we'll see how much gets accomplished. There could be tutorials coming soon depending on how well things go today, so be on the lookout for those! Now go and have a great day, lovelies!