Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My New Hobby

I have recently started teaching myself how to crochet. And by that, I mean I have recently started watching numerous YouTube videos. Seriously, though...I've learned so much.

I would like to brag that I've mastered the chain stitch, single, double, and half-double crochets, and crocheting in the round. Granted, I usually have to go back and re-learn some steps if I take a few days off from my hobby, but then I just get right back into it.

I made a hat! I'll add a picture.

I have also started making hats for friends, a scarf for my Madre, and my next projects will be a headband and an infinity scarf.

My yarn collection has become slightly ridiculous in a very short amount of time.

I find myself becoming anxious in situations where all I want to do is be at home on the couch making some creation.

Moral: I found a good hobby.

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