Monday, September 19, 2011

The Beginning

Here's the plan: Write a blog. Okay, more specifically write a blog that won't bore people to tears. 

The real plan: Keep myself entertained. I am going to (try to) keep up with this blog and have a different topic every week. I am open to new ideas, so if there's anyone out there who would like to contribute to my weekly theme ideas, please feel free. 

Ground Rules: 

  • Don't write about anything that I will laugh at in 5 years. (I did this in 10th grade. And let me just tell you that 22-year-old me thinks that 15-year-old me is HILARIOUS. And slightly obsessive.)
  • Be open. That one is pretty self-explanitory.
  • Write every day. (We'll see how that holds up.) 

This list of rules will most likely be updated whenever I feel like I have a stroke of genius. 

So. The actual topic of the week will start tomorrow. Here we go.

PS - This is me (but I have shorter hair now and I'm taller in person...kind of):